25 February, 2010

Taste Down Under VII - Of Poultry and Market City (Paddy's Market) Food Court, Sydney

Sorry for the lack of updates, but school has been really hectic with tests (one tomorrow) and assignments. But HFB did had a couple of interesting practical lessons the past few days - plating, beef, lamb and poultry (which he did today). The trussing of the chicken was really an interesting experience and de-boning a whole chicken - oh boy, didn't knew he had that in him!

Anyhow, the whole fiddling of chicken today reminded him of an amusing meal he had in Sydney, or more specifically, at Market City, right above Paddy's Market, in Chinatown. After almost 3 weeks in Australia, he was craving for something local, and Market City food court is notorious for some funky Asian Food. And there right across his table was a Caucasian lady fiddling with a Roast Duck Leg.

Roast Duck Laksa (3)

But who would have thought that in Australia you could have the best of both worlds - combining Roast Duck Leg with Laksa! If you really have to know, HFB did eventually finished his whole bowl of noodles even though it was nothing great - since his craving simply overwhelmed him.

Roast Duck Laksa (2)

Ingenuity concept or an absolute taboo? You decide.

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red fir said...

Chicken rice seller then, that's the back-up plan hah.

His Food Blog said...

Heh! I thought about that too... they make good money!

Tekkaus said...

Those roast duck looks super palatable. :D

His Food Blog said...

Hi Tekkaus...

It wasn't too bad considering I was in Sydney :)

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