16 April, 2010

ADV: Toast@Work, Mr Prata, and Teppanyaki @ Food Junction, Century Square

Someone once said that “all happiness depends on a leisurely meal” – and if that statement holds true, HFB must surely be a happy man.

Food Junction (11)

Food Junction (9)

Over at Toast@Work located at Century Square Level 3, one is able to unhurriedly savour the Beehoon Set with Egg, Ngor Heong, and Luncheon Meat at an affordable price of $2.90. What’s more, any additional sides cost only an additional of 70cents! HFB really enjoyed the fully flavoured beehoon – unlike the many tasteless versions elsewhere, besides, who can resist an oozing egg yolk?

Food Junction (2)

A nice twist to the usual Kaya Butter Toast, Toast@Work’s version came in the form of their Signature Roll ($1.80) – and what HFB enjoyed was the fact that the French roll was toasted crusty – chomp it and feel the kaya and butter goodness explode in one’s mouth! What an awesome feeling.

Food Junction (4)

A word to describe the Iced Coffee ($1.60) would be FANTASTIC! A concoction made according to the standards set by Chef Martin Woo, Group Executive Chef of Food Junction, the brew was really robust yet refreshing at the same time – HFB really enjoyed his drink on a warm weekday afternoon.

Food Junction (3)

Over at Mr Prata (just next to Toast@Work) the obvious choice was of course their prata. At $1.20 for their Plain Prata and $3.00 for their Egg and Cheese version, HFB took pleasure that the plain adaptation came really thin and crispy. And who can stand against the savoury combination of egg and cheese in dough? The two elements harmonised perfectly – tasty!

Food Junction (5)

And if you think that’s all the stall has to offer, you would probably be missing what HFB thought was the steal of the day – their Special Pandan Chicken Set! At $3.80 one is entitled to their pandan infused rice, along with a generous serving of chicken drumstick and yummy gravy. HFB really find the spicy and tad sour gravy simply irresistible – it really opened up one’s palate such that one would have no problems polishing up the fragrant rice. And if you really wished to give this dish a try, be quick cos HFB heard that it gets sold out before dinnertime each day!

Food Junction (6)

Dilemma – can’t decide between Chicken and Salmon at the Teppanyaki stall? Why not settle for both at a really affordable price of $6.80. The 2-in-1 set came with a bowl of steamed rice and liberal serving of bean sprouts as accompaniments. The glistening salmon fillet with a dash of cracked black peppercorns ensured that the fish was flavoursome. HFB also enjoyed the fact that the fish was not too dry and flaky from over-doneness. The chicken was succulent and the slightly char-grilled skin provided that added texture and smack to the dish.

Food Junction (7)

Food Junction (8)

2 Tampines Central 5
Level 3, Century Square
Singapore 529509

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lj said...

I once saw a long queue at Mr prata around 11am. The prata must be good!

Miso said...

Mr Prata main branch is near old NIE Campus right? Bukit Timah area. Century Square is quite near to my place but have not been there for quite a while, maybe will go there for breakfast tomorrow! :D

sean said...

The Iced coffee and the Kaya Butter Toast are looking most delicious and tasty. I want to have them now.

His Food Blog said...

@lj: The prata is better than alot of other places IMHO. At least I love the plain version personally.

@Miso: Not sure whether they are related. Let me know what you think of the breakfast.

@sean: Oh yes... the Iced Coffee was pretty divine!

Kitchen Exhaust said...

you did the inside cooking in the place? you have a very elegant restaurant..

FoodCult-er said...

ah..but where tea is concerned, we love the one at yakun best! Really enjoyed the bee hoon at toast@work, though!

His Food Blog said...

@Kitchen Exhaust: Nono. It's not my restaurant :) this just happens to be an advertorial I am writing on.

@FoodCult-er: Oops. Not a big fan of Ya Kun. Didn't try their tea though, but the coffee is definitely their specialty. :)

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