23 July, 2010

Taste Down Under XII - King Island, Tasmania

The last stop in HFB’s Australia tour brought him to Tasmania, a state known for its large and relatively unspoiled natural environment. And located off the north-western tip of the main island lies King Island, known for its ideal conditions for premium beef production (certified by the Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system), seafood – Rock Lobster (or more commonly called Crayfish) and Sea Elephant Oysters, and cheese – courtesy of King Island Dairy, which sourced their milk from King Island dairy farmers whose cows are famous for their unique quality of milk.


The first thing we did when we reached the city centre was to head to the local supermarket for our supplies – and one of the items we picked up was the Air-dried Beef. Along with some biscuits and horseradish sauce as accompaniments, one could really taste the freshness and intense flavour produced by the meat. It might sound far-fetched if HFB claimed that that was the best piece of air-dried beef he has consumed, but he was dead right – he haven’t came across any that was better thus far.


Other than the beef, cheeses from King Island Dairy were also readily available at the supermarket. HFB really enjoyed the Seal Bay Triple Cream Brie that was made with full fat milk and enriched with additional cream. Covered in a bloom of white mould, it really enhanced the magnificent flavour giving it a creamy golden centre and a pleasingly rich and buttery flavour.


It was also of good fortune that we won a tidy sum of cash betting on horse racing over at one of the local pubs nearby that we head back to purchase a cooked crayfish off the shelf.


Priced at AUD66 per kg, it wasn’t exactly cheap, but the goodness within kinda compensate for it – the meat was firm and sweetness exuded, and besides, it was ample for the 3 of us to enjoy!


For an island with a small population, there weren’t many choices when it came to restaurant dining. However, we were advised that the King Island Club was one of the better venues to enjoy a nice piece of King Island Beef Steak.


A very retro bistro and bar greeted us when we stepped in – checkered table cloths, wooden furnishings, along with many timeless and classic décors.



It happened to be a Tuesday that evening, and that means it was BINGO night – a pity we didn’t win anything, however we did struck gold with their dozen natural Oysters (AUD$22).


Fresh, plump, with a hint of ‘flavour from the sea’, one couldn’t really go wrong with the oysters that lived in such ideal conditions.



The Salt and Pepper Squid (AUD$11) was brilliantly executed – well seasoned and nicely coated with flour, it was the perfect appetiser that really opened up our palates.


The Porterhouse Steak (AUD$25) came with a nice thickness and was nicely seared – the meat was cooked to the right doneness, and boy was it luscious! HFB took delight in the lovely beefiness flavour of the steak – a sign of King Island’s quality meat produce.


The lovely dinner was rounded off with the only dessert offering – the Plum Pudding (AUD$6). Flavourful but perhaps a tad sweet, it was almost a perfect ending.


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Christina Kim said...

Yummyyyyyy, that was one scrumptious meal =)

His Food Blog said...

Haha, agree! One can never go wrong with oysters and steak. :D

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