22 September, 2010

Wendy's @ Liat Towers

Most people in our island probably came to know about Wendy’s at Liat Towers for the wrong reason. And HFB wouldn’t deny that it was such that pique his curiosity to find out about them for the right reason – their food offering that is. The Frosty Float ($2.60) was promptly served and from the first sip it tasted ordinary, but HFB was pleasantly surprised by how smooth Wendy’s signature frozen dairy dessert call “Frosty” was by his second slurp. One can also enjoy Frosty on its own ($1.50 for small, $2.40 for medium).


Wendy’s Chili ($2.70), made from Minced Beef, Kidney Beans, and Mixed Vegetables, to my surprise, was light on the palate – it was told that Wendy’s boil the meat to remove as much fats as possible before adding the rest of the ingredients.


This was definitely a healthy choice, although HFB thought the removal of fats took away some flavours along with it.


The burgers were next and HFB sampled the ½ Pound Double with Cheese ($8.25 for Combo). At one glance, one would discover that Wendy’s Burgers came with square burger patties – “they don’t cut corners”, that was what HFB was told. It was when HFB took his first bite at the burger that he had a HUGE dilemma – should he finish the ½ pounder, or save space for the rest of the menu? One might wish to know that Wendy’s uses Kaiser Buns instead of soft buns that go amazingly well with the beef patties. The patties were robust and provided a good bite, although an added char-grilled would have sealed the deal.


The Shrimp Supreme ($6.70 for Combo) was a pleasant find. Not something HFB would normally associate with burgers, the crusted shrimp was surprisingly full of flavours. However, HFB thought a much thicker patty would do it justice.


The Premium Fish Fillet ($6.65 for Combo) though was disappointing – it seriously lacked flavour and seasoning and its patty – a tad thin for a good bite.


HFB though enjoyed the refreshing fact that Wendy’s offered Baked Potatoes ($3.10 - $3.50) with a variety of toppings to choose from, such as Cheese & Cheese, Broccoli & Cheese, and Sour Cream & Chives.



Perhaps HFB was slightly filled at that point, but he actually enjoyed the latter the best. For a fast food restaurant to offer a decent salad is rare, but to offer one that tasted appetising – now that’s a good thing! HFB thought the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken ($6.50) was really fresh. A mixed between Romaine and Iceberg Lettuce, they were crunchily yummy! Not to mention the grilled chicken was really tender and luscious. To nitpick however, HFB did found the dressing a little lacking – the Anchovies, Capers and Garlic weren’t evident enough to pack a punch.


Alternatively, one can opt for Wendy’s Garden Salad ($4.70) and an added selection of their Spicy Chicken as topping. Nothing was noteworthy here though, plus HFB did find the chicken a tad too fiery spiced.


Wendy’s Nuggets ($6.60 for 6 pcs Combo) came with a nice chunky bite, while the fries surprisingly retained its crustiness despite being non-oily.


The Fried Chicken ($7.50 for Combo) came with a choice of regular or spicy. Thumbs-up for the fact that each bite into the chicken didn’t leave a trail of grease around HFB’s mouth despite its crispy crust!


HFB liked the Twisted Frosty with Oreo the best – the rest being Twisted Frosty with M&Ms and Strawberry Frosty Shake ($2.80 each). Those with a sweet tooth would welcome the sugar-rush from their desserts!


P/S: If one is a coffee drinker, one would be in for a nice surprise of their coffee at $2.10 each. Hint: Wendy's franchise is taken over by the Kopitiam Group.

Disclaimer: No ratings would be given, as this is an invited taste test. HFB would also like to take this opportunity to thank Julie, Fiona, and Wendy's for their hospitality.

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Miammmiam said...

Hey, you've got mail:)

Monday Chimps said...

Hmm...nice shots! Looks very tempting even if it's just Wendy's! Nice blog!!

Michael McClung said...

I have to say, you make fast food look goood :)

His Food Blog said...

@Monday Chimps & @MercerMachine: Thank you very much. You guys made my day!!

singapore food lover said...

Floods and fire (at lps branch) will not stop many from heading to Wendy's!

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