20 June, 2011

ADV: AsiaMalls Food On Parade - Korean "Cooking Up A Storm" Preliminary

This weekend saw the preliminary round of “Cooking Up A Storm”, Korean cooking competition for Asia Malls, Food on Parade at Tampines1.

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With six teams lining up for this week’s challenge, to vie for the overall grand champion title on 25th June at Liang Court and the winning prize of $2000, HFB spotted quite a number of masculine in this round of the competition.

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And upon investigation, this pair of young handsome chaps were actually brothers, and in company with them, their elder brother and sis-in-law over at another team. Heh, talk about sibling rivalry!

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After a quick run-down by the organisers, and the revealing of the secret ingredient – Hot Pepper Paste, the contestants had a choice of shopping at Sol Mart Pte Ltd 솔마트, a Korean supermarket, or Cold Storage for their ingredients purchase.

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And while waiting for them, Chef Nicky Kim introduced to the shoppers a popular street food, Ho Tteok, or Sweet Korean Pancake during her short cooking demo.

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It was an interactive session where shoppers actually had hands-on session in mixing and kneading the dough.

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Before long, the pancake was pan-fried and served!

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HFB took a nibble and it revealed a nice cinnamon and caramel taste which he imagined to be perfect for Koreans during winter. Don't you think so?

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Shortly the contestants arrived back at the stage area before the stipulated time of 30 mins, and proceeded swiftly to prepare their creations.

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Besides the familiar Korean Rice Cakes and Glass Noodles, there were other really creative dishes like pasta inspired by Korean flavours and even “Bi Bim Ra” – an original interpretation of Bi Bim Bap, but using Korean Ramen noodles instead of rice. How brilliant!

Copy of Tampines One 2 (27)

Copy of Tampines One 2 (31)

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After presenting to the judges, and them tallying of scores, the results were finally announced and it really went to the wire – only 1 mark separated between the winning team and the other.

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Once again, having a lucky charm - this time in the form of a new born baby - brought blessings to the winning team.

Copy of Tampines One 2 (53)

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HFB is darn sure this young family would have a great time celebrating Father’s Day, as well as their win. Congrats!

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Anonymous said...

Why are contestants allowed to 'compete' in cooking competitions with their domestic helpers? They are totally missing the point.

Are we that dependant?

His Food Blog said...

Hi Anon 11:18,

I reckon the rules state 2 person per team.

And I believe there isn't any restriction that it cannot be a helper and employer team.

Besides, it could perhaps be her Filipino friend. :P~

Anonymous said...

And perhaps his Filipino friend as well.

Point taken. There will always be 'maybe's.

My point is, IF one IS making one's more cooking-capable domestic helper help in a cooking competition, one is missing the point, including an ethical one. And I'm not talking about contest rules.

Another point to highlight is that all teams win a consolation prize. The preliminary round winner wins $200 worth of shopping vouchers. And the final winner wins $2,000 worth of shopping vouchers.

It's an observation that isn't related to your blog or your writing, as I like reading your food blog. It's a worthwhile observation nonetheless.

His Food Blog said...

Rehi Anon,

If you are mentioning abt the male + female pair, the lady is actually Chinese. Heh Heh!

And with regards to domestic helper being the cooking-capable one, I have to say the lady was actually the one that was doing and instructing the Filipino friend what to do.

Anyhow, I know your arrows aren't directing at me and thanks for dropping by. But perhaps as much as you like reading my blog, I would love to know your name as well. It's always nice to know who I am talking to. :P~

Cheers and keep eating :P~

Anonymous said...

Hi Rayner

I'm Patricia. Nice to meet you!

People don't sign up for cooking competitions declaring they are bringing their domestic partners to contest organisers.

One just needs to observe 'team' social dynamics for a certain period of time - interaction style, communication cues, body language, notice who was giving most of the instructions, was there a certain inequilibrium in team dynamics etc.

The main thing is, I hope people can see the point of ethics I am trying to make. Take some time to make social observations - it's all around us.


Anonymous said...

Typo: Domestic helpers (not partners).

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