26 June, 2011

MEDZS @ Orchard Central - A Mediterranean Haven

Located in basement 2 of Orchard Central, one would discover a haven in the form of MEDZS, a 200-seater restaurant that was first to serve up various Mediterranean fare such as Spanish, Italian, Tunisian, Moroccan, French, Turkish and Greek − in a one-stop, self-service integrated open dining concept, providing a rather exotic dining experience.


HFB started off the evening with the Charcuterie Board over at the Delicatessen section that consisted of various cured meats including Chorizo and Serrano Ham, as well as an additional board of Jamon Iberico.


For $18 each, that was considered a steal considering the quality of meat one could savour. It really came packed with flavour and taste. Simply brilliant!


And to go along with the meats, HFB had a sneak peek of the beers among an impressive range of international and craft beers available over at the “5% bar” within the vicinity.


HFB has a weakness for good mussels, and he had to say he found another outstanding way to take pleasure in them – in Basil Alfredo sauce that is ($12.00). The sauce was velvety and flavoursome, and the mussels, with a hint of freshness of sea.


One can never go wrong with in-house made pasta, and when it’s accompanied with half a Thermidor Lobster and using Prawn Bisque as base sauce ($18.00) – a seasonal dish that is simply a match made-in-heaven! The sauce was really rich and flavourful, yet not heavy on the palate. Excellent, HFB highly recommended this dish!


The Shish Lamb Kebab ($6.00) came in a nice-charred flavour and the thickness of the meat ensured a nice bite when tasting the skewered meat. The accompaniments and seasonings also ensured a nice Mediterranean finishing.

MEDZS (14)

But HFB found his holy grail in the form of the Pork Belly ($10.00) done sous vide style and finished off with the grill. Nice charred exterior with a to-die-for inside, the meat achieved an OMG melt in your mouth experience that was so lovingly tender. HFB would definitely go back for this slab of sinful goodness!

MEDZS (13)

To round off the meal nicely is the Mille-feuille ($4.20 each), or layered puff pastry alternating with cream and in this instances fresh kiwi and strawberries.

MEDZS (15)

The puff pastry was really fluffy and the fruits made a nice refreshing end to clean off the palate.

MEDZS (16)

Disclaimer: No ratings would be given, as this is an invited taste test. HFB would also like to take this opportunity to thank MEDZS, Food Junction, Chef Mus, Pris and Racheal for their hospitality.

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Leone Fabre said...

we really enjoy all Mediterranean food .... didn't realise there was such a nice restaurant on the dot!

Will certainly check this one out. I think these images would encourange anyone to try it.

Thanks for sharing.

His Food Blog said...

Hey Leone,

Thank you for dropping by. :D~

You definitely should try out this place... Chef Mus did a great job in creating a really good Mediterranean menu!! Let me know how it goes if you pay it a visit.


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