02 November, 2011

Brunetti @ Tanglin Mall

Having visited Brunetti in Melbourne previously, HFB was really excited when they arrived at our shores. The part-alfresco 140-seater cafe in Singapore (one of the biggest HFB has seen) takes up the space formerly occupied by whimsical fusion restaurant Oomphatico's – and Brunetti was strategically born in Tanglin Mall!

Brunetti (13)

So if one asked me what were the similarities and differences between the café in Carlton, Melbourne, and the one at Tanglin Mall, HFB would say one of the similarities was the large collection of traditional European cakes on the counter displays. There were so many choices available, so much so that there was definitely something for everyone. As for the differences, Tanglin outlet actually offers an all day savoury selection of Italian food such as pasta and even sandwiches, something that was not offered in Melbourne.

Brunetti (15)

As for the layout – HFB felt Tanglin’s pastries displays were more subtle compared to Carlton, of which the latter was more of impactful, in-your-face kind, of capturing one’s attention when one enters the café. Unlike Carlton’s prominent long bar counters that churned out their nice coffee or amazing Italian Hot Chocolate (more on that later), Tanglin’s bar was disappointingly non-conspicuous.

Brunetti (14)

HFB tried the cioccolateria, or chocolate selection which was produced on site, and he was somewhat fascinated by the many colours and textures that greeted him. What he liked about them was they didn’t taste too sweet. He was pretty sure the heart-shaped creation would be a bestseller comes this Valentine’s Day.

Brunetti (5)

Brunetti (6)

As for the Pasticceria, Brunetti’s cakes and desserts include a selection of Biscotti, Mignon (petit cakes), Cakes and Tarts, Danishes and Shortbreads. So basically customers have the option to have the same-flavoured cake in different serving sizes – Mignon, Sliced or Whole – totally awesome if one just wish to fill their tummy during tea-breaks or buy the whole cake for celebration.

Brunetti (3)

Brunetti (10)

Similarly for the Macaroons, HFB loved the fact that it wasn’t too sweet. The texture of the shell was also smooth and light, with just a little chewy, thus in his opinion, giving TWG’s macaroons a run for the money.

Brunetti (11)

But the highlight of it all was HFB’s much missed Italian Hot Chocolate, which was so thick and robust in flavours, akin to drinking molten chocolate. Ask him one thing about Brunetti in Singapore, and he is more than glad to tell you the Italian Hot Chocolate was still as yummy.


And to quote him previously, “Brunetti’s version certainly etched deeply within him with its intense, thick, creamy – almost pudding like concoction. The way it coats your palate makes you aware you have had a lot of chocolate...almost to the point you have no clue you are purring! That was one helluva liquid chocolate!

Disclaimer: No ratings would be given, as this was an invited taste test. HFB would also like to take this opportunity to thank Huntington Communications and Brunetti for their hospitality.

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Summer Toh Xiaoxin said...

the pasta was yummy! very good ... didn't look that good but the taste was great!

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