13 December, 2011

Asian Food Channel's "Great Dinners of the World" premiering 13 Dec (Tue), 10pm

An Asian Food Channel (Ch435) original production, produced in collaboration with Pernod Ricard Malaysia (PRM), titled “Great Dinners of the World” will be premiering today (Yes, TODAY!!), Tuesday 13 December at 10.00pm, with every new episode premiering every Tuesday and Thursday at 10.00pm subsequently.

Great Dinners of the World

In the series, four rising stars of the Asian culinary scene find themselves transported to the foreign but culturally and historically rich Europe, and in addition to visiting the most picturesque chateaus, mouth-watering breweries and enchanting castles in France and Scotland, these four culinary maestros will be tossed out of their comfort zones and given the challenge of cooking up and delivering their signature Asian delights to their unsuspecting European guests of honour.

Great Dinners of the World (5)

Will they shock the foreign taste buds with Asia's exotic and spicy flavours or swiftly win over the hearts and palates of these overseas foodies?

HFB caught the screener of the first episode, and as a trained culinary professional, he had to say he was kept in his seat throughout the show – it was as though he could feel the adrenalin pumping, the heart-stopping actions and the excitement all the way through! If you are one of those who enjoy watching reality television programmes, or enjoy culinary series like Iron Chef, or Hell's Kitchen, you will grow to appreciate and enjoy this series.

A little about these four chefs:

Chef Sho Naganuma

Great Dinners of the World (4)

Chef Sho Naganuma is currently the Executive Chef of Hide Yamamoto, situated at Marina Bay Sands.

Chef Sho took his first step into the kitchen with his father at the tender age of six, who taught him how to prepare traditional Japanese dishes. His early experiences as a young boy in his home kitchen made a lasting impression on him and sparked an interest that became a life-long passion.

Chef Sho's food philosophy and style of cooking could best be described as “free” and "adventurous". Unhindered by the tried and tested, Chef Sho's experimental outlook in the kitchen is demonstrated by his unique contemporary take on traditional Japanese fare.

Chef Johnny Fua

Great Dinners of the World (1)

Malaysian Chef, Johnny Fua has a background in architecture, which he incorporates this experience into his dishes, by using clean lines when plating. Calm and structured in nature, he concentrates on expanding natural flavours while giving each ingredient its own unique identity.

Chef Johnny is the Executive Chef at Tanzini Restaurant located at G Tower, Kuala Lumpur. And at 38 years old, Chef Johnny is still relentless in expanding his knowledge of various cuisines, techniques and ingredients. Whether plating up classic Italian dishes or stirring up a storm with free form recipes drawing from his extensive culinary experiences and inspirations, Chef Johnny’s synergy of knowledge in architecture, passion for food and culinary art, transforms even the most basic of ingredients into distinct neo-cuisine, where each plate is treated as a work of art.

Chef Malcolm Goh

Great Dinners of the World (3)

Do not be fooled by Malaysian chef, Malcolm Goh’s mild-mannered demeanor; his infectious personality, outgoing nature and strong passion for food commands the kitchen.

Chef Malcolm has won countless awards and competitions to date, and won his most recent award at the Hong Kong International Culinary Classic 2011, winning the silver medal representing Berjaya University.

He currently holds the position of Culinary Executive/Supervising Chef at Berjaya University, teaching practical and theory classes as well as working as a Competitions Trainer.

Sherson Lian

Great Dinners of the World (2)

Malaysian cook, Sherson Lian is no stranger to the camera, starring in many popular television programmes in Malaysia. Recently, Sherson was a guest judge in reality programme Dapur Selebrity and is currently the host for Malaysia’s lifestyle cooking show 5 Rencah 5 Rasa.

Sherson also enjoys doing his part for the community, working as a team-building consultant for the Centre for Customer Care Malaysia (CCC) and leadership training camps for foundation students at Help College teaching character building. Outgoing by nature and filled with a thirst for adventure, Sherson believes in having fun in everything that he does and making the best of every situation, no matter how taxing.

So save the date, you would definitely want to sit down for this!


Anonymous said...

wow, the last chef is handsome worx!

ancelin said...

well...my uncle...Uncle Johnny oso handsome...he he ;)...

IronChefMalaya said...

Johnny stylo. . Absalutly

deal blog said...

OMG...Sherson Lian i sooo cute. I definitely would want to sit down for a date with him....

Anonymous said...

omg... they didn't plan their menu in advance...god sick

lifecouldbeharsh said...

sherson lian I love ur show 5 rencah 5 rasa. And to date my hubby is your number one fan!!

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