06 November, 2012

Restaurant Reviews & Dining Giveaway - The Boxing Crab

The Boxing Crab is Food Junction’s newest seafood restaurant located at the beautifully quaint stretch of Sentosa.

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Over at this 250 seater restaurant, one can tuck into a huge selection of seafood dishes while feasting your eyes on the panoramic sights of the sea – and if lady luck is smiling at you, one would also be exhilarated by the sights of traversing cruise liners passing by.

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The tasting got off the ground to a really good start with the small bites of Crispy Peppered White Bait ($8.00), and boy was it really crispy and highly addictive! Despite the many dishes that were presented to us throughout the session, HFB managed to make room in his tummy to sneak a piece or two in between the rest of the dishes.

His Food Blog - The Boxing Crab

The Deep Fried Crispy Baby Squid ($14.00/$18.00/$22.00) definitely lived up to its name with its crispy consistency amidst the tangy and sweet finish from the sauce that coated around it. HFB was pretty keen with this dish.

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What HFB liked about the Homemade Fresh Mango Prawn Bar ($12.00) was its refreshing twist of using spring roll skin to wrap the mango prawn and deep fried. The added crispy texture was a nice balance to the sweet and slight mushy mango sauce along with crunchiness of the prawn.

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What was there not to love about the Steamed Bamboo Clam with Minced Garlic (Market Price)? Executed in the classical manner of steaming the clam along with the chewiness of the tang-hoon (mung bean vermicelli), this dish was definitely a crowd pleaser.

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Be warned though if you are to kiss your date right after the dinner, this dish was heavy-laden with garlic! Haha.

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For mains, HFB tried the Charcoal Grilled Marinated Red Snapper ($28.00) that was really fresh, indicated by its firm flesh. The marinate came with a hint of spiciness that lend a good flavour to the fish without overpowering the freshness of the fish.

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For $78.00, one can also opt for the Charcoal Grilled Mixed Seafood (for 2 persons) with a choice of Snapper, Squid, Prawns or Clams. HFB sampled the squid and it was one of his favourite dishes that evening. It was grilled to perfect tenderness and a squeezed of lime makes the dish even more refreshing.

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Just then, the cruise liner came along and everyone had a break snapping photos of the ship with Reflections at Keppel Bay as the backdrop. A pretty awesome sight HFB must add!

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Just then, HFB also spotted how the restaurant used numerous woks as a piece of art on their wall. Yes, you heard it right – CHINESE WOK! How cool was that?

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Now back to the food, the next dish of Wok Fried Prawn with Salted Yolk ($24.00/$34.00/$54.00) was probably one of the more popular dishes that diners ordered nowadays in Tze Char stalls or restaurants. And The Boxing Crab didn’t disappoint with their rendition. The strong flavour from the salted yolk was evident and it nicely enveloped the succulent fresh crunchy prawns. It did get a little heavy on the palate after the second serving, but hey, what’s a little sacrifice for something worthwhile.

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Using wheat grass, The Boxing Crab Braised Home Made Wheat Tofu with Seafood ($17.00/$21.00/$26.00) is one of their signature items on the menu. What HFB really enjoyed about the tofu was its silky smooth texture. The array of seafood also adds flavour to the dish. Perfect to dig in with a bowl of piping hot steamed rice.

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What’s the highlight of the evening at The Boxing Crab that evening? Well, their crabs of course! And over here, one can have choices of Mud Crab, Flower Crab and Swimmer Crab (All Market Price), with various cooking methods such as the popular Chilli and Black Pepper, to the more adventurous Steamed with Soya Milk and Braised with Superior Broth and Pumpkin. It even came with Western cooking methods such as Flambé with Herbs and Garlic Butter and cooking with Melted Cheese. How exciting! And before HFB dig in, all guests were invited to suit up for the occasion!

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HFB really loved the presentation of the Chilli Crab that came wrapped in Lotus Leaf, where the restaurant staff actually unwrapped the leaf right before one’s eyes to reveal the crab. OMG it looked so good – looked at those claws! The crab were really meaty and firm that evening, with the sauce leaning more towards tomato-based than chilli.

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If one was craving for something spicier, one wouldn’t go wrong with the Black Pepper version. Be sure to standby some iced water on the side. It was really fiery in spiciness – hot, hot HOT!!

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One of their signature crab dish, the Braised Claypot Crab with Superior Broth and Pumpkin hit the right spot on many areas. The flavour of the sauce was robust without being too heavy and dipping the meaty crab meat into it was a delightful experience. This was a must order dish for HFB at The Boxing Crab.

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HFB bet you must have spotted the stray strand of rice vermicelli on the lobster! The story went that it looked SoOOooo good on the plate that HFB dig in before realising he hadn’t took a snap at it, yet he was in such a hurry to finish taking the photo that he failed to realise the stray noodle until he edited the photos later, Haha!

The Braised Baby Lobster White Noodles (Market Price) was one of the dishes that he really looked forward that evening and it sure didn’t fail him. The lobster were meaty and the noodles soaked up all the flavoursome gravy that were lip-smacking delicious. Smashing dish indeed!

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For pre-dessert, the Chilled Mango with Pomelo Ice Cream ($5.00) was approvingly served chilled. The mango paste was smooth with distinct mango flavours and HFB loved that it wasn’t too sweet. This was a perfect dessert as a palate cleanser.

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Just another name for Crème Brulee, the Catalan Cream with Caramelized Sugar ($8.90) was simple and straight to the point. The cream was smooth and crust was caramelised just right. Overall it was decently executed.

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HFB is giving away TWO (2) $50 The Boxing Crab dining vouchers to his readers. All you have to do is to 1) "LIKE" The Boxing Crab Facebook page and 2) EMAIL hisfoodblog@gmail.com with your answer to the following question with your Name, NRIC, and Contact Number. Closing date for this giveaway contest is 11 Nov 2012 (Sun), 2359hrs.

Q1. Where is The Boxing Crab located?

Terms and conditions apply.
- The voucher is not exchangeable for cash.
- The voucher must be fully utilised when making payment. Any unutilised amount will be forfeited.
- The voucher cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions & privilege cards.
- The voucher is not replaceable. No claims will be entertained for any voucher lost, torn, defaced or expired.
- The voucher may only be used in TheBoxingCrab.

Disclaimer: No ratings would be given, as this is an invited media tasting. HFB would also like to take this opportunity to thank Food Junction for their hospitality.

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Wow! I won the $50 voucher to The Boxing Crab! Thanks HFB for the speedy notification and delivery of the voucher. Can't wait to savour the food featured in those great pictures of yours.

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Hi Wendy! Congrats once again... hope you enjoy your meal.. :D

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