13 December, 2010

Have a Ben & Jerry’s Chunkadelic Xmas!!!

For every Ben & Jerry’s fan who has been to ChunkFest 2010, you might have come across the coveted iPhone3 covers. And if you have your eyes on those (which HFB heard is a really desirable item on eBay) you might be bouncing for joy to know that for one day only, on Dec 17th, Ben & Jerry’s is going to launch something even crazier as part of its Christmas campaign.

chunkadelic key

That’s right, from noon onwards, at any scoop shop islandwide (except for Night Safari outlet which opens at 6pm); fans can recycle any 4 Ben & Jerry’s pint lids for an exclusive limited edition of iPhone 4 cover that comes in three specially designed bumper jackets inspired by Ben & Jerry’s trademarks of "Peace, Love and Ice-Cream"!!!

All Covers

What’s more, you will also receive two lip smackin’ scoops of your favorite ice cream to tantalise your taste buds! These 5,000 covers are available at 12 Ben & Jerry’s Scoop Shops islandwide, while stocks last. Note: Psst, because these Ben & Jerry’s iPhone 4 covers are such coveted items, each fan can redeem up to a maximum of three covers only. After that, its back to rejoin the queue!



ice cream

But that’s not all, if you’re truly lucky, you might be one of the 12 to receive an authentic one-off SWIRLicious Ben & Jerry’s iPhone 4 covers that even come with their own Certificate of Authenticity! And if you are one of the 12 winners, you better make sure you dress up this Christmas Eve because...on the night before Christmas, Ben & Jerry’s will be cycling down to your house with a specially commissioned Ben & Jerry’s Retro-hip, Pigeon Bicycle that’s yours to keep!




How cool is that??? But of course being a HFB reader has its own privileges. You see, HFB is one of the 15 appointed MOoolets spreading the good news this Christmas, and all you have to do is to leave a comment at the end of this entry telling me why you deserve this customised Ben & Jerry’s Bicycle. The 2 Moolets who have the MOST amount of unique comments on 31 December 2010 (2359h) will get to give away the customised Ben & Jerry’s Bicycle to one lucky reader each. Oh, and don’t forget to leave me your email address!!! The contest period is from 13 December 2010 – 31 December 2010.


Disclaimer: This contest is only open to readers residing in Singapore only.


Emiry said...

Because I like to ride my bicycle... :) Hehehe

Bella said...

I feel like I deserve to win this ( super cute ) bicycle is because I love Ben & Jerry’s so much that I’ve actually gained so much weight due to excessive feasting of their ice cream on a daily basis ( current tubs in my fridge : Cookie Affair & my favourite, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ) – not that I mind actually because Ben & Jerry’s has the best ice cream in the world! What’s the best way to lose those kilos, you ask? Cycling around Singapore in it’s VERY own bicycle ( to get more ice creaaaaam ) ! Ben & Jerry’s for the win – in feasting and in cycling!

Jean said...

because im a fan of all things blue, cute and ben&jerry ;)

Anonymous said...

I deserve to win this bicycle is because i am a huge fan of Ben & Jerry! I have many of their collectibles and this will add on to my collection.

I will tweet, facebook, blog, IM about it if i win the bicycle to share my joy with my family and friends and everyone else in Singapore that Ben & Jerry is so generous!

I deserve to win so that i can give it to my daughter who has been yearning for a bicycle for a very long time! :D

Name: Joanna Soon Tong Ying
Email: sty.joanna@gmail.com

Jamie K. said...

Well, my surname is Kao, pronounced as Cow so i feel a very strong affinity to Woody and the Ben and Jerry co. :)

I have been collecting Ben and Jerry's tubs (empty) and lid since 2008! However, since I am still having my exams this week, I cant make it down to redeem the coveted iphone4 cover! I am getting an iphone 4 for Christmas too :D Would be lovely if I win this!

I have been meaning to learn cycling but the rental rates and high risk of bruises have stopped me from heading out to learn if from my friends! This totally awesome bicycle would be an awesome start! ;)

*keeping my fingers crossed!*


Unknown said...

I really really really will like to win this because of the following reasons. Really!!!!

1) The bicycle is really retro-liciously awesome looking!!!

2) I got my brother and his friends to sign up Standard Chartered Marathon just so that I can get the Ben & Jerry's discount coupons in all their runner's packs.

3) I got so sore over missing the Ben & Jerry's Chunkfest this year that I went feeding myself with all the BJ flavours again.

4) My husband will teach me cycling if I have a bicycle. He will have no reasons not to teach me especially if it's on the retro-licious bicycle!

5) I will love to be a walking or cycling advertisement for Ben & Jerry!

Unknown said...

I'm sure to be the envy of all Ben & Jerry fans if I do win this bicycle! Pls grant me this wish of riding this unique and fun-looking bicycle. Cheers & Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I can't cycle so this customised Ben & Jerry’s Bicycle gives me the BEST reason to start learning how to cycle :D

And I'll cycle to the nearest Scoop shop and indulge in my all time favorite Phish Food ^^

email: raquel.rin@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Ultimate indulgence for the ultimate ride! Best way to enjoy a lazy Sunday afternoon with family, friends & a pint of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream! Love the new Peanut Butter Cup Flavour! I voted for it!


Ju Ann said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I want this bicycle because I don't know how to cycle. With this cute bicycle, I'm sure it'll definitely boost my interest and confident to learn how to ride a bicycle. And why so? Because this bicycle is by B&J, and of course if I own it, I'd want to show it off to everyone how cute and one-of-a-kind my bicycle is.

Now, don't you think I deserve to win this bicycle? :)


Ren37 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jerlyn said...

I want this cutie bicycle because I love Ben & Jerry & I will be able to go cycling with my precious hubby in style. At the same time I get the exercise I needed to stay in shape. That's killing two birds with one stone! :D


sue Z said...

l ♡ that hippy B&J bicycle!! need it…
1. to reduce my carbon footprint!
2. to use the energy from all the B&J ice cream i eat!
3. to get to my favourite B&J scoopshop at Vivo!
4. to put all my B&J ice cream pints in one basket!
5. to spread the love, peace and B&J icecream! ❤


Joven said...

I believe I deserve to win this B&J bike since I never touch a bike ever since I got an accident riding my bike more than a year ago. I got a fear of bike since then. But as they say, we have to face our fears and it would be a better way to face it with this wonderful piece of art called Ben&Jerry's bike. Now that I live near a park, I can always practice my bike skills again.

DANAE. said...

Because ...
I am cow
Hear me MOO
I weight twice as much as you
And I look good on a BBQ!
Yoghurt, Curd, Cream Cheese and Butter
Made from liquids from my Udders
I am cow
I am cow
Hear me MOO ♫~

Email: thechocolatteholic@hotmail.com

Alice said...

I definitely deserve to win this customized Ben & Jerry’s Bicycle because I am a loyal supporter of Ben & Jerry's ice-cream(ooh yummy~~!) and I can cycle to work if I win this giveaway! :)


Christina said...

I would love to win this ultra cute Ben & Jerry’s bicycle for my younger sister actually. She has been learning how to ride a bicycle for quite some time and it’s time for her to own 1 for herself. It would be a great Christmas gift and it’s also to reward her for her hard work :)

Thank you.


Jing Wen said...

i deserve to win this very retro pigeon cycle because i can use it to start a brand new year by cycling! This would mean i will get to discover more places which were previously not within my reach! I can also use it to get Ben & Jerry's chocolate chip dough ice-cream from a supermarket further down the road!! Wow! I really hope my new year's resolution will be fulfilled!!!
Smiles! Happy New Year everyone!

Thng Jing Wen

Little Chicken said...

OMG!!! This customised bicycle costs priceless!!!!! I want itttt... :)

Alrite, I deserve to win because I dont want to struggle to aboard e bus, which packed like sardine every peak hours, to go MRT station. i'm sure i'd look pretty cool (and not lame) by riding this customised bicycle!! I know most ppl who ride to MRT are only uncles.. but who cares? If i win this bicycle, i'd love to show it off to everyone.. :) I'm sure there are huge fans of Ben and Jerry ice cream who cant take their eyes over my bicycle.. So, eheeeem.. i need to make sure i buy more locks.. lol. :)

In addition, it'd let me saving more my pocket money and earth as well...! I'd cycle around my neighbourhood to buy groceries instead of taking cab because pf my laziness to take bus!!!

I oso need to burn my fat bcause of festive seasons feast lately.. :)

Hope i win!! His Food Blog hopefully is a santa for me this year!! :)

Cindy said...

My lil sister has been asking me for a bicycle because she really really loves cycling and I could not afford to buy her a brand new one for Christmas. If I win this Ben & Jerry’s bicycle, I can give it to my sister as a gift!

Thank you His Food Blog and Ben & Jerry! :)

Email cin_gi @ hotmail . com

Lynn said...

I deserve to win this beauty because I have not ride a bicycle for the past 20 years! I used to love cycling when I was a kid but my one and only bicycle was thrown away when we moved house. Er, and moreover, I grew lazier as time passed and has totally stop any form of exercise! My big fat bum is just as lazy as me!

So you see, that is why I really need to WIN this bicycle home!


Elena said...

I deserve to win this awesome customized bicycle from Ben & Jerry because it's Ben & Jerry's fault for producing such delicious ice-cream and I could not resist myself from not eating them twice a week! I have put on weight and I am still putting on, hahaa! This is why I NEED to win this brand new bike for the brand new year! If I do win, I will make sure I cycle at least 30 minutes everyday so I can lose some weight and look and feel good for the new year!

Of course, I will still eat my favorite Ben & Jerry ice-cream :)


foodkakis said...

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