10 October, 2011

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake - A Pictorial

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (3)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (2)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (4)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (5)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (6)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (7)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (8)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (9)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (10)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (11)

Sui Japanese Dining & Sake (12)

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03 October, 2011

Anar Restaurant, Resorts World Sentosa

HFB usually associates Arabia as a land of mystic – you know; the Ali Baba and the Aladdin. And stepping into Anar Restaurant, one of newest restaurants situated in Resorts World Sentosa (closer to broadwalk), one would imagine that they had been magically transported (via the magic carpet, maybe) to the Middle East.

Anar Restaurant (1)

With an array of Arabic decorations – ranging from low-hanging old lamps inspired by Blue Mosque in Istanbul, to Iranian-imported tiles used within the Arabic Persian Arches, and the majestic chandelier that sits under a silver dome in the main private dining room within the wine cellar – dining at Anar is akin to a mystical food journey that took you to different part of the Middle East.

Anar Restaurant

Anar, which means Pomegranate in Persian language, hires chef from Persia and Lebanon, so one can ensure that the food served are as authentic as those found in the Middle East.

The evening was set in motion with the recommended Litchi Smash ($12.00), a mocktail that was essentially a harmony of Lychee crushed with Fresh Lime, an added touch of Fresh Mint and served tall over crushed ice with Ginger Ale. Real straightforward yet simply refreshing! A great start to the evening.

Anar Restaurant (3)

We were served the Taftan Bread, leavened flour bread that originates from Persian cuisine – looked and tasted similar to Naan, but better as it was baked fresh on the spot by the chef in the clay oven while we were seated.

Anar Restaurant (2)

The condiments provided were pickles, tomatoes; mint leaves, but goes best with the feta cheese.

Anar Restaurant (4)

An Arabic interpretation to the classic Caesar Salad, the Fattoush ($12.00) was made up of Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, radish, onion, mint and garlic and dressed with lemon juice and apple cider topped with some toasted bread. A refreshing dish that really opened HFB’s palate, he would consider this a safe dish to order for the unadventurous.

Anar Restaurant (5)

For the bold and daring, you could navigate the unchartered with the Mohammarah ($12.00), a cold red Levantine dip of walnuts, tangy tart pomegranate, red fleshy peppers and spices.

Anar Restaurant (7)

HFB did not take much to the aftertaste of the spices, but he certainly did really enjoyed the thick, robust flavours that derived from the walnut. Excellent to go with the taftan bread, which the staffs are more than willing to top up for you!

Anar Restaurant (8)

You would never go wrong with the Hummus with Minced beef ($14.00). It was a healthy dip made of puréed chick peas with sesame seed paste, fresh garlic, lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil topped with grilled minced beef. So creamy and awesomely good with the minced beef, this was one dip you didn’t want to miss if you were in Anar. Not surprising, we mopped up the whole dip with the taftan bread before the mains arrived. YES, it was that YUMMY!

Anar Restaurant (6)

For the main, we had grills, of which the Shish Taouk ($32.00) and Chelow Kebab Kubide ($38.00) were served together. A traditional Babylonian recipe, the former in essence was a chicken breast marinated in rich yoghurt, garlic and tomato puree; then grilled over smoking charcoal and served with traditional ‘toum’, a Syrian garlic paste. This was most probably one of the best grill chicken dishes HFB had ever sampled. It was succulent with a good smoky flavour and well seasoned. Great, almost divine!

Anar Restaurant (10)

Not to be outdone, the Chelow Kebab Kubide, a minced lamb kebab, came with a serving of steamed Persian saffron rice “chelow”. How luxurious was that? Cooked using basmati rice, the “chelow” was really fragrant and pleasing.

Anar Restaurant (9)

For those who often shunned the lamb for its gamey taste, Anar’s version would guaranteed you otherwise. In addition, the meat was really tender and truly addictive. HFB really enjoyed the mains. It was excellent!

Anar Restaurant (11)

For desserts, we savoured the Um Ali, a rich Arabic dessert that was traditionally prepared for special occasions. Served warm, it was made from sweet milk, puff pastry and cinnamon with pistachios, almond, and raisins; it was also topped with sweet whipping cream. HFB like this milk dessert pretty much. The nuts provided an added texture that was delightful to enjoy. A really sweet deal to finish off a memorable dinner.

Anar Restaurant (12)

Disclaimer: No ratings would be given, as this was an invited taste test. HFB would also like to take this opportunity to thank Adda and Anar Restaurant for their hospitality.

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