11 March, 2008

Toast for my afternoon teabreak

According to Wikipedia, “Toast is sliced bread, which has been browned by exposure to dry heat… Toasting warms the bread, making it more pleasant to eat for some, and makes it crisp such that it holds toppings more securely… Toast is often served with butter, cheese, marmalade, or any number of other toppings.” Last Sunday afternoon, I was hungry and I decided to make something light for tea break. An idea struck when there happen to be French Loaf Slices, Foie Gras Spread in the fridge that I bought from Paris airport, some leftover Braised Duck from lunch (We had Teochew Porridge at home), and some Coriander Leaves from the kitchen. Topped it up with a hint of Japanese Mayonnaise and some Oregano Leaves from the bottle – and my master creation of Mayonnaise Braised Duck, with Foie Gras spread on French Loaf is born!

Whoever said Toast was boring?


French Loaf (sliced)
Foie Gras Spread (can be substitute with pâté)
Duck Breast (sliced or shredded)
A pinch of black peppar
Japanese Mayonnaise
Coriander Leaves
Oregano Leaves


  1. Toast both sides of the sliced French loaf
  2. Once slightly browned, remove from heat and apply foie gras spread on top of the bread. Toast another 5 secs to melt the spread
  3. Remove from heat and spread evenly the foie gras
  4. Placed duck meat on the bread and toast for another 2 mins
  5. Remove from heat and add mayonnaise, coriander leaves, oregano leave and black peppar
  6. Dished up and serve


fuzk said...

Hmm.. I always thought you can't 'cook' your foie gras. Oh well.. I guess I'm wrong. Haha.

Chef Jeena said...

Hihis food,

I have been following your food
blog for a while now as a silent
reader but have not commented
until now..all I can say is
"WOW your recipes look great",
and I want to cook them all :-)

I would like to get to know
you more, with your talent
for cooking then your going to
be a great friend to have.

Feel free to join our cooking
forum, you are very welcome
to join us.

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You have such an amazing food
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Thanks from
Jeena xx

Anonymous said...

Improv food really is the best, because your gut (pun intended) is doing all the thinking. (:

and in utter zealousness for accurate english language, an idea 'struck' not 'stroke' x)

that aside, keep up the luurrve for food mister. (:

His Food Blog said...

fuzk: Mine was a foie gras spread that have been left in the fridge for quite awhile! And hence the 5 secs to melt it jus so that I can spread it on my toast. :)

Jeena: Thanks! Will love to join you guys!

jia: Nice to meet new people in my comments page - do keep it coming!

I love improvised food, that's when your knowledge of food pairing comes into play. In this instance, foie gras and duck meat was a pretty no-brainer and I thought the mayo will bring out the toast better.

Heh, no worries. I have edited it! Thanks! But you should meet fuzk one day cos he nitpicks on my english too! HA~

fuzk said...

Hello.. I don't nitpick horkay... =P Speaking of which, there's something not right with your latest post. =P

His Food Blog said...

Yah, I know. I am blogging from Sydney - there's something not right with the browser from the internet cafe. Will have alook once I'm back. Thanks for the feedback.

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