20 January, 2009

Taste of Malaysia Series 4 - Otak-Otak Shiduoli @ Jalan Storey

Otak-otak, is a popular food made from Fish Paste, usually Mackerel and mixed with Chillies and Coconut Milk. The paste is then wrapped in a banana leaf and grilled over charcoal fire giving it an aromatic smoky flavour. Combined that with Nasi Lemak, or Coconut Rice that is usually accompanied by Egg, Ikan Bilis, or Fried Anchovies, Fried Peanuts, along with a dash of Sambal Chilli and what one gets is a hearty breakfast to start the day with.

Located in Jalan Storey, behind the abandoned Pacific Mall Shopping Complex, Shiduoli Otak-otak has been around for 20 over years.

Stepped into the coffeeshop and one will be greeted by the inviting smell of the nicely charred otak-otak.

The SOP is to 1) pick up the coconut rice from the stall 2) wait for the server to come around the tables with a carton box 3) and shout the number of sticks of otak-otak you wish to consume when asked. And be astonished by the way the server count and toss the sticks of otak-otak across the table – it is rude yet innovative at the same time if you asked HFB. One quick look across the coffeshop and you will see otak-otak strewn all over the tables.

The nasi lemak is slight mushy with coconut taste and goes well with the chilli – but definitely not the best HFB has eaten.

The highlight of the day though definitely belongs to the otak-otak. Right off the grilling pit, one would definitely be tempted to chomp on it, however HFB would advised to leave it cool for awhile so that the heat will not “overwhelm” the taste. Slightly heavier on the coconut milk than most Singapore’s version, chomping of the otak-otak is indeed addictive. Perhaps because of the minute serving of some, HFB easily consumed 15 sticks at one go.

Going at RM0.60 for one stick, HFB reckons one should try this wonderful experience. However, like the saying goes “Early bird catches the worm”, one should not be surprised that the otak-otak and nasi lemak would be sold out by 10am – so be there really early!

Food: 4/5 (Otak-otak is really addictive!)
Service: 3.5/5 (Might need to wait during peak hours)
Ambience: 4/5 (Spacious kopitiam - very cooling)
Price: 3.5/5 (RM0.60 is pretty pricey for minute otak-otak)
Total: 15/20
78 Jalan Storey
80300 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

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Faizal R said...

mcm best jer otak22 tu

Steve said...

15 sticks! You must have been hungry, mate. Either that, or the portions were indeed miniscule.

His Food Blog said...

Both! Plus it tasted pretty good and grows on you - VERY ADDICTIVE once you start munching the first stick.

You gotta try it to understand what I meant.

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