04 April, 2007

Where's the Dragon?

I'm all for truth in advertising and proper labelling, until I came across an article that states officers from Wales have ordered the Black Mountains Smokery in Powys, to change the name of its Welsh Dragon Sausages on the grounds that they are made with pork, not dragon meat. It seems reasonable to expect consumers to know that the dragon is a symbol of Wales. Beyond the lack of common sense, what I find weird is the supposition that the mention of an animal in a brand name implies that the product contains that animal.

I just hope that the authorities don't start regulating the Chinese names of foods, as one of my favourite foods, is 龍蝦 (Mandarin Translation Lóng Xiā), literally "Dragon Shrimp" or commonly known as Lobster.

Despite no trace of Dragon in it, the sweetness and the texture of a Lobster Sashimi, is simply heavenly. If you think Otoro is premium enough, Lobster Sashimi will dispel all truth in it.

What’s more, with the leftover Lobster head and tail portion, you can have an additional dish of Fried Lobster Noodles with Chicken Broth (although personally, I prefer to have Lobster Congee instead, which unfortunately they do not served). Simply deserve a full rating !!! Unfortunately, business was too crowded that night and service was slow and lacking in standard. However it was still a worthwhile trip!

Food: 5/5
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3/5
Price: 4/5

Total: 15.5/20
Chin Huat Live Seafood Pte Ltd
105 Clementi St 12
Singapore 120105

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