05 July, 2007

Ipoh Day 1 Part 1

Finally, I had a short break after 6 months of work. After a nine hours bus ride from Golden Mile Complex, My colleagues and I arrived at Ipoh, the capital of the state of Perak. And by a stroke of good fortune, we have 2 sisters – Baygie and Baysie (Thank you for making it such a wonderful food trip), whom I befriended from Perth, to bring us around. Ipoh is famous for its cuisine, as locals believe that their water, which is relatively high in alkali content - owing to Ipoh's location on top of a large karstic formation - makes the food especially tasty. As soon as we arrived at 7am, we headed straight to our first stop, the legendary Foh San Restaurant, for a hearty breakfast of Dim Sum.

Locals will have you believed that this ever famous Foh San is really for the early risers. A favourite haunt for the older folks - after their morning exercises and in for a cup of tea and scrumptious dim sum to start the day - it is no surprise therefore, that getting a seat is difficult. Providentially, we found one within seconds as a table just left when we arrived.

As there are so many dishes we tried, I shall spare everyone with the lengthy description and head straight to the point – here are the photos of the food we sampled that morning.

From what I could remember, the skin of the Char Siew Bun was really soft and the meat was well marinated. The skin of the Har Cheong Fun was also really smooth. While some of them preferred the dry and greasy version of the Fried Carrot Cake, Baysie and I felt that Steamed Carrot Cake was delicious – it was soft, sweet and flavoursome and was easy for the stomach early in the morning. Overall, the meal cost RM56, or approximately S$25, making it S$5 per person! No wonder they say when Singaporeans travel to Malaysia, they start to make noises like birds everywhere they go – Chirp, Chirp, Chirp (Cheap, Cheap, Cheap)!!!


Food: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Price: 5/5
Total: 16/20
No. 2, Jalan Dato Tahwil Azar
(used to be known as the Ozbourne Street)

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Anonymous said...

jason will wow and go nostalgic again when he sees pics of food places in ipoh!!

Going to show it to him!

His Food Blog said...

Oh boy... didn't know he was from Ipoh... nevertheless... I have more photos to blog...this is only the morning of Day 1!!

Anonymous said...

it was so fun having y'all with us.. u guys are very entertaining leh! come again ah!!


Anonymous said...

Noh bad heh...the photos of the food look yummier than it really is =P

Anonymous said...

No one will understand me when I say "after you've eaten at Ipoh, everything mostly pales in comparison." hahaha. I eat at Fu San everytime I go back.

His Food Blog said...


Oh you are from Ipoh too?!

How fortunate - the food there is so yummy, I can't wait to pay them a visit again though its a pain taking the long bus ride.

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