06 October, 2007

Rant about Buffet

I was once a huge fan of Buffet - Seoul Garden used to be the favourite haunt for gatherings during my tertiary days, and gobbling for 4 hours was a walk in the park. As I started working and getting slowly involved in events and conference organising, buffet spread became a regular sight in my line of work. Slowly but surely, I begin to loathe the act of settling quantity for quality. You see, you will never come across a buffet spread that will gratify you in everyway. A premium one would probably lit up your eyes when you feast them on rows of dishes, but there will always be an occasional one or two that would throw you off guard! And the tendencies to stuff yourself silly to justify the premium price you pay is plain dense – as we all know you can never out-eat the All-You-Can-Eat restaurants. Eating is meant to be a joy, not a torture. It also does not help that my metabolism rate is working at its all time low – over-eating is no longer a bliss to behold. Mediocrity in food is not my cup of tea, if I cannot afford it, I can jolly well live without it – but paying less money for an average spread is just not me. And besides in Singapore, there is always the $2 bowl of Laksa waiting for me anytime in the hawker centre. So while I continue ranting, stay tuned for my following two posts on buffet establishments in Singapore.

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