04 November, 2007

Cafe Where Happy People Meets

Themed as the café “where happy people meets” – Miss Clarity Café certainly lives up to it, with its loud and colourful interior décor, along with the tinge of ambience with candles on every table.

There is a wide range of food selection to choose from – Shelled Appetisers, Sides, Pasta, Risotto, Mains, Burger, Pizza, and more recently, Black Angus Prime Sirloin & Ribeye, as well as the prized Wagyu Beef. My group of friends order a few dishes to share and we had the NZ Mussels immersed in Tomato Gravy as appetiser.

The mussels were big and juicy but regrettably the gravy was thin and lacked in flavour. The Glutton’s Platter was just an assortment of Spicy Wings, Chicken Nuggets, Onion Rings, Crispy Wedges and Chipolatas – straightforward deep-fried finger food.

For my main, I had the chef-recommended Whole Roasted Chicken Leg, served with mouth-watering Mushroom & Potato Fricassee.

I had to say for $9.80, this is the best Roasted Chicken Leg that I have even tried. The flavour was captured nicely in its meat and despite not being a big fan of potato – I was won over by the aromatic starch.


Food: 3/5
Service: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Total: 13.5/20
5 Purvis Street #01-04
Singapore 188584
Tel: 63394803

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michelle said...

my friend ordered the roasted chix leg before and we asked the waiter where they got their chicken from... because it was super huge! and apparently it's from spain or somewhere in europe.

His Food Blog said...

Not sure where the origin of the chicken leg was from, but it was definitely quite a big serving and good value for money. Highly recommended and endorsed by me!

michelle said...

when you feel like eating there again, ring me! i'm just a few steps away!

His Food Blog said...

Sure! In fact, we can even hold our next gathering there, just so that you will show up...heh ;P

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