03 September, 2008

Bangkok III - Fuji Japanese Restaurant

Small talk: Thank you all for your concerns. HFB is unaffected by the political turmoil in Bangkok and truly enjoy himself there – he managed to sneak out of the country before the situation worsens. Also, congratulations to Steve who came out with his Roasted Tomato Pasta and win himself a free subscription to La Cucina Italiana for the favourite homemade spaghetti sauce recipe contest! _______________________________________________________________________

On my first Bangkok trip few years’ back, my colleague fainted at the Don Munag International Airport. On my second trip there, we arrived after tanks rolled in and overthrew Thaksin’s government. And on this recent trip, the people are not happy with Thaksin’s successor and mass riot took place. But despite all these happenings, I am glad I still managed to find pockets of joy every time in the Land of Smiles. This time round, it was in the form of Japanese food. Yes, you heard me right – via a recommendation by a friend who frequented there, he told me that I would be able to enjoy a good value meal, at one of the Japanese restaurants located at the 7th floor of Mahboonkrong (MBK) Shopping Centre – and this begun my first meal in Bangkok.

With chains of restaurant all over Bangkok, Fuji Japanese Restaurant is a modern establishment that aims to serve authentic Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices.

Since we were going Jap – instead of local beer, we opted for Asahi bottled beer (THB140~SGD6.00) instead.

I reckon I shouldn’t be fussing over service quality in Bangkok, but I was indeed slightly distressed when the Ebi Tempura (THB140~SGD6.00) arrived first (Where are my raw items?). Visual wise, it didn’t look that great and the outer coating wasn’t the best I have tasted, but the prawn were crunchy with a firm bite – fresh! It was decent at best.

The second dish to arrive was also cooked (Are my appetisers even coming?) and it was the Ika Maru Yaki (THB120~SGD5.00), or Grilled Whole Squid with Teriyaki Sauce. On first bite, I thought the dish was slightly under-grilled, without the smoky flavour that HFB would have preferred, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it was pretty chewy instead of “rubbery” – even when the dish turns cold!

The Premium Sashimi Moriwase Set (THB680~SGD28.50) finally arrived – served in a wooden boat. Although the most expensive item on the menu, to be called “premium” was pretty derisory as ‘the boat’ merely carried the usual Salmon, Tuna, Yellowtail, Scallop, Saba and Prawn in bigger servings that’s all. Fresh and came in thick slices, one will probably be satisfied but not overwhelmed by it.

The Salmon Nabe (THB220~SGD9.00) came with few thick slices of salmon and heaps of veggies. The soup was just nice – saltiness with a tint of sweetness was well balanced. But because it came right after the sashimi, the soup was neglected and had turned cold before we could fully enjoy it – this is frowned upon as HFB like his soup piping hot!

The Beef Tataki (THB180~SGD7.50), or Japanese Seared Beef came wrapped with two alternate variations – Raw Onions, and the other I presumed to be Raw Pea Shoots. I totally dig the ones with raw onions as the pungent flavour of the onions harmonised fittingly with the beef. But unfortunately the raw ‘greeny’ taste of the pea shoots would probably turn many off.

Total damage for the night adds up to THB1628~SGD68.50, which isn’t really expensive for the amount and “quality” of food we ordered. Taste wise it was ok, but one would probably wish to request for the raw food to arrive first before the cooked ones, so as to appreciate each dish better and not done in a rush.

Food:3.5/5 (Decent)
Service: 2/5 (Staffs have problems communicating in English, order of food is bad)
Ambience: 4/5 (Modern and brightly furnish)
Price: 4/5 ($68.50 is value for money)
Total: 13/20
444, MBK Centre 7th Floor
Phayathai Road, Bangkok

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Steve said...

The Beef Tataki looked great - and I would agree re the onions versus the pea shoots - I can't think why the chef would do that.

I'm glad you tried that restaurant... every time I visit MBK, I can never make up my mind which restarant to go to. Hopefully you will review a few more in there!

PS: Glad you're safe
PPS: And thanks for the prize. Yay!

Anonymous said...

Poor fish shit, blog til so late =x

Anonymous said...

wow! thailand, good life man! haha

His Food Blog said...

Steve: Exactly, raw pea shoots taste funny. Oh! They have a Jap/Kor BBQ restaurant right across Fuji that looks not too bad! You could probably give it a try.

xladyzstarx: -_-"

LIC: It was a half leisure half business trip - so ermmm wouldn't really consider it good life! Heh.

xLadyzStarx™ said...

Whole day go thailand... eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee sucky place =x

stupid fish shit! =x

Fion said...


I agreed with you on their communication. I visited this restaurant too.. The food not bad and most important, it's WORTH $$$... :)

You may want to try the Jap self BBQ in MBK which located at the last level (Sorry.. I forgotten which level but I know it's located at the cinema level. Name of restaurant I also forgot coz I forgot to take pictures of that restaurant.) Their food is nice and their sashimi is very fresh... Maybe you can give it a try if you are still in Bangkok.


His Food Blog said...

Hi Fion,

Thanks for dropping by.

Ha! The Jap BBQ place and Fuji are just across each other at Level 7 of MBK.

Me and my kaki were torn between the two and we ended up with Fuji instead.

Will probably try them on my next trip to BBK. Thanks for the recommendation.

Fion said...

Welcome. Update more Jap food as I'm a super Jap food lover. =)

Take care...


His Food Blog said...

I love Jap food too! :) Hope to hear from you more often.

Anonymous said...

Fuji sucks. Try Zen for a little better. Both aren't really great but for Japanese chain restaurants, Zen is better.

His Food Blog said...


Haha - Fuji wasn't excellent food but I thought it was still decent.

Btw, care to share where Zen outlets are? I dun remember seeing them when I was in Bangkok. Thanks!

Michael Charles Loh said...

Strange that you were expecting your sashimi to be served first. Whenever I have a Japanese set meal (eg at Singapore's Tatsuya or Nadaman, the sashimi is normally served midway). Just thinking aloud.

His Food Blog said...

No worries. It's just a personal preference I guess. To have my raw food first before my cooked ones.

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