25 June, 2008

Restoran Yu Ai - Seafood Curry Noodle

Some food are symbolic to their place of origin – like how Portuguese Egg Tart is to Macau, or how Hor Fun is to Ipoh. In Kuala Lumpur, I dare say I have found its holy grail in the form of Restoran Yu Ai’s Curry Seafood Noodle.

Although slightly greasy from the chilli oil, there is no denying that it’s flavoursome and full bodied tawny curry is rich and intricate, with layers of spices like cinnamon, cloves and ground coriander, and a hint of sweetness from the coconut milk.

Portion wise the serving is generous and they don’t skimp on the seafood - Clams, Prawns, Mussels, Fish Slices and Cuttlefish are piled high such that you barely see the noodles within, and there are also Tau Pok, or Beancurd Skin for the curry version.

We opted for Bee Hoon as we believed it sucks up the gravy better. This bowl of curry noodle is worth every RM15 of it.

The other best seller would be the Tom Yum flavoured noodles. The broth is good but nothing close to extraordinary with the obligatory sweet & spicy, sour & bitter taste, with the latter tipping the balance due to heavily use of Assam, or Tamarind that leaves one with its tart taste. With an additional of RM5, one gets a gigantic bowl of noodles that comes with additional prawns. The prawns are fresh and its flesh sweet and firm.

I would prefer the yellow noodles to be slightly undercooked but somehow the texture is still shiok and doesn’t taste strong of “Kee”, or alkaline taste.

Fret not for those who are not into spicy food but still wish to devour the seafood galore – Yu Ai has a clear soup version. However, for the more adventurous, I urge you to opt for the RM20 Curry Seafood Noodles, you will not regret it!!!

Food: 5/5 (Full bodied broth + Seafood galore)
Service: 4.75/5 (Very fast service)
Ambience: 4.25/5 (Old school kopitiam + air-conditioned 2nd level)
Price: 4/5 (RM15 is expensive for a bowl of noodles but the generous ingredients more than made up for it)
Total: 18/20
42J Jalan Segambut Utara
51200 Kuala Lumpur

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Steve said...

sounds sensational... onto the must-do list it goes!

But HFB - what of KL? You can't mean that you just tried one KLCC franchise (yuk) stall the whole time you were there, and that was it? (sorry - no time for yet another American franchise when there is so much exceptional food to be had in Malaysia)

Tell us about your KL trip. We are salivating at the thought of what might have caught the attention of your camera and mouth!

His Food Blog said...

Haha! of course not, the rest of them are coming on the way. But I really couldn't resist blogging about Yu Ai's Seafood Curry Noodles first - sorry I jumped the gun!

Kuek said...

See...my recommendation good leh... hahaha....
But for my taste...I prefer to eat it with bee hoon.... so can really absorb more of the soup.

Kuek said...

....and the photos looks great...
nice post too....

His Food Blog said...

Hi Kuek,

I agree it goes better with Bee Hoon. I can't wait for my next trip to KL for it once more.

Kuek said...

Next round KL, I will try to make it. And then, traditional Hokkien Mee maybe? and Petaling Street Beef Noodles...hehehe...

His Food Blog said...

Yes. Petaling Street - didn't manage to find time to venture there - definitely wish to stopover there the next time.

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