17 July, 2008

All Natural Kitchen - Happy Food Makes One Happy

Since we are on the topic of healthy chicken – coincidentally on the same week, I was invited to visit All Natural Kitchen. Believing that happy food is created using natural ingredients and a pair of happy and dedicated hands – Kenneth, owner aka a happy chef (and a very cute and hunky one as well) saw a market for healthy, natural food for people who want a shift from the American junk food and the greasy Chinese takeaways.

Using homemade sauce (look out for the White Yoghurt Dip – slightly sourish but so zesty & tangy) and natural ingredients (no MSG, artificial enhancers, colourings) prepared with minimal fuss – what one gets are dishes that allows you to enjoy the food in its original state. From brown rice to grilled meats, sandwiches to wraps, each item listed on the menu guarantees one to enjoy their meal guilt-free! As we were rushing for time, we decided to go with the Toasted Tortilla Wraps and Sandwich that are filled with GENEROUS serving of Juicy Roast Chicken, Lettuce and Tomato Salsa.

My first thought was that he was merely trying to win me over with the amount of ingredients he dished out, but as I observed later, the big-hearted portion applied to all his customers – so much so that I began to wonder how does he meet his profit margin?

My verdict – I love the natural ingredients, the chicken is juicy and tender and one REALLY does achieve a sense of “happiness” after eating his food! However, between the wrap and the sandwich, I definitely preferred the former. The bread was slightly dry and flat which I believed was due to it being exposed to the air for quite some time.

Given a chance, do also give the Roast Chicken in Olive Oil and Rosemary a try – it looks really good and value-for-money. Interestingly, if you thought All Natural Kitchen is situated in a posh health bar, you might be surprised to find out that it is actually located at the 2nd level of Amoy Street Food Centre, just so that you get to enjoy these healthy foods at reasonable prices.

Grippingly, there were also copies of the latest issues of various lifestyle magazines for those in the queue to read – utterly considerate if you ask me.

So girls, what are you waiting for - do pay him, or rather the stall a visit, and I promise that you will be gushing with joy for the day!

7, Maxwell Road
#02-110 Amoy Street Food Centre
Singapore 069111

Opens for breakfast and closes by 3pm

Disclaimer: No ratings would be given, as this is an invited taste test. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kenneth and his mum for their generous hospitality.

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fuzk said...

How I wish for a healthy sandwich place near my work place. *sigh*

Pete said...

wow the chicken sandwich looks good. Nice post

His Food Blog said...

fuzk: Good business opportunity for you ain't it? I reckon its not too difficult to set up a sandwich bistro.

pete: Thank you! Thanks for dropping by.

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