24 November, 2008

The BEEFY Series Part 8 - Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow

Which local profession is the best traveled on our little island? Answer: Taxi Driver. And little wonders why they are able to suss out delicious food around our modest city. This particular stall was based on one taxi uncle’s recommendation while I was in his cab. A quick Google search revealed that it has a rating of “Die, die must try!” by Makansutra but interestingly there isn’t a write-up by any local bloggers on it. As such, that made HFB more determined to find out why.

Located along Hougang Street 21 near Kovan MRT station, Cheng Kee Beef Kway Teow serves both dry and soup version of beef noodles. For $4.50 for a medium bowl, patrons can have a bowl of beef noodles consisting of mixed ingredients like Beef Balls, Beef Brisket, and Sliced Beef.

HFB finally understood why the stall was rated so highly by the Makan Matas – with a dash of salted vegetables, the soup was VERY intense and fully flavoured. No wonder HFB observed customers kept coming back for refills. What topped the cake was the fact that the beef brisket was devastatingly tender, that it disintegrated the moment one gave it a soft chew.

Although the Kway Teow itself was nothing to shout about, but in HFB’s opinion, Cheng Kee’s soup version was definitely superior to the much over-hyped Hock Lam.

So what about the dry version you might ask – surprisingly it wasn’t half as good as the soup adaptation.

The gravy had a bitter tinge, which HFB suppose comes from herbs used – the aftertaste wasn’t pleasing and HFB would not recommend it especially if one do not take well to herbs.

HFB also tried going back for refills of the soup and was disappointed that it didn’t taste as good as the one that came with the Kway Teow – he noticed that it was scooped from a different pot. Overall, one will never go wrong with the soup version and the beef brisket. Oh, and for your information, the same coffee shop served a pretty mean Rojak as well.


Food: 3.5/5 (Soup version is fantastic, but the dry version was disappointing though)
Service: 4/5 (Soup refill at no extra cost)
Ambience: 3.5/5 (Spacious Kopitiam)
Price: 3/5 (Pretty pricey but HFB thinks the beef brisket is worth it!)
Total: 14/20
Blk 203, Hougang St 21
Wong Poh Kopitiam
Singapore 530203

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noodles said...

hmm I guess I have to make a stop there to try the food.

I must have somehow missed this entry in the Makansutra '07.

His Food Blog said...

Hi there,

You should - I have to keep emphasising that the beef brisket is so marvelous!

Indeed. In fact many probably miss as well since I can't really find many reviews on the stall.

YongWei said...

wow i live so near yet i never tried it, anyway theres another beef noodle stall, more like a shop, at simon road area which is juz a 150meters walk northeast, gonna try there soon

HairyBerry said...

so much ingredients! and the soup base looks dense (judging from the colour)! great.

near kovan mrt station? ok, got it. will give it a try. thanks!

His Food Blog said...

YongWei: Yes - please go try! I will keep a lookout for simon road stall the next time I venture there.

Nic: Yeah yeah - refer to the map!

Steve said...

Goddamnit HFB... this blog just made my mouth water. I'm actually keen to try the dry version from your description. Any idea what herbs in particular that made such a strong impression on you?

fatboybakes said...

what a fascinating blog. hangon, i'm confused. isnt steve HFB? how come his profile links to this blog?

love your pics and write up.

fatboybakes said...

oops, sorry, my mistake. steve has HFB under "blogs I follow", which i mistook as his own blog. great blog, HFB....

Steve said...

FBB... I can understand how it's all very confusing. What with HFB and FBB and all the other acronyms in Singapore, I get very confused, very often.

(PS: To the uninitiated, I was using writer's license in order to make a point. Please note that FBB is actually from beautiful Malaysia. And acronyms abound way more in Singapore than they do in its northern neighbour!)
(PPS: Please also note that FBB is renowned for his cakes and although I've yet to try one, I am assured by very reliable sources that they amount to orgasm in a 250mm round cake pan.)

His Food Blog said...

Steve: No idea, but it was really quite bitter. I think the soup version would be a much better choice.

FBB: Thanks! I am assuming you and Steve know each other?

Ok now I am confused too!!!

Steve said...

No, I don't know FBB - but rather I follow his blog which is rather good. And we have been known on occasions to joust verbally over the merits of the mighty pavlova!

fatboybakes said...

HFB, i only know steve through the blogosphere, but i do know nickhkl in person though. May i link your blog?
steve, thank you for your kind words, and sorry HFB for the confusion.

His Food Blog said...

Oh you know Nic! I have yet to meet him but I love reading his blog. :)

Sure - I have linked up yours!

Anonymous said...

They use to be really very good till about 1 year ago :(
I patronise them since the original was selling in Six Mile Market (now MRT station). stop going there since disappointed with this group of new faces cooking, and the Q has also long gone.

His Food Blog said...

Hi Street!

Are you saying their Beef Kway Teow Soup used to be even better?!?! OMG - What have I been missing out?

But I did notice a couple of Chinese workers taking over the cooking when the owner (as seen in the pic) took a break.

natty said...

haha.. i patronized em when they were still havin their original ownerss too.. i agree with Street.. way better. lOL!! u can even help yourself to extra preserved vegetables and chinchalok... Regular patrons can also help themselves to their own extra soup.. ahh.. those were de days.. havent gone there for a looong time...

de one at Simon Road, along upp serangoon rd is actually Hock Lam Beef Kway Teow.. :D u can also try de one at Golden Mile Market... Kheng Fatt Hainan Beef Kway Teow on de 2nd level... not bad also..

His Food Blog said...

Hi natty,

Ahhh, I see so that is Simon Road, I passed by that stall, but have not venture there yet - will probably give it a try one day.

I tried the Golden Mile stall ages ago, remembered it as pretty good too! But that was many years back, I wonder whether they are still good.

natty said...

They still get a queue at their stall now.. ^^ it's good to me still when i went a few days ago :)

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