25 December, 2008

Merry Christmas and Hello 2009!

Sorry everyone, HFB has been really busy over this period and will be taking a long break up north - all the way till first week of 2009 *HORROR*!!!

However, the good news is, HFB will be bringing you a series of posts from our neighbours above when he is back so do look out for it!! And do leave your comments while HFB is away (to let him know you guys are still alive) and Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!


Anonymous said...

Hey dude, Merry Christmas and a wonderful New year to you. Look forward to all the new posts in '09.

Steve said...

Happy New Year HFB. Here's to a sensational 2009 of gastronomy and friendships. May the food gods smile on all of us.

His Food Blog said...

Greetings from Penang!

Hungry Dru: Thank you for your well wishes & I wish you a great year ahead!

Steve: And a Blessed New Year to you too! I hope you are still enjoying the local food in Singapore - Heh!

Penang Tua Pui said...

happy new year 2009..... wish u have a great year ahead,,,,,

HairyBerry said...

happy new year and enjoy yourself up north! ;)

His Food Blog said...

PTP: Hello there! Thanks for the well wishes :) Your blog was a great reference when I was in Penang

Nic: Thank you! KL and Penang was great - and I was in JB and Malacca as well.

Heh I reckon HFB will convert into a Malaysian Food Blog for awhile till I am done with my materials.

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