13 March, 2009

HFB's Top 3 Favourite Pizzas @ Da Paolo's

Below are HFB's Top 3 Favourite Pizzas @ Da Paolo's Pizza Bar. What about you? Where do you usually get your pizzas from? And what do you usually order?

Pizza with Mushroom with Black Truffles

Pizza with Arugula, Parma Ham and Shaved Parmesan

Smoked Salmon Pizza

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Alone's said...

hello my friend nice post. u deserve reward for it.

homeladychef said...

Hi HFB, I usually bake my own pizzas, using my own oven & the oven recipe that came together (still not pro enough to create my own dough recipe lar), with slight modifications from time to time. Having lots of fun making them! To me, eating & making pizzas is decisive, I decide what & how much I want to put into my mouth. Will try next time with salmon on top since I still have a dough left in my freezer....

His Food Blog said...

Alone: :) Thanks!

HLC: Home pizzas are the best, don't you agree? You can have all your personal favourite ingredients on one dough!

Steve said...

I'm with homeladychef. Home-made pizzas don't seem to suffer from the economy of ingredients that restaurant-made pizzas appear to be afflicted by.

There's nothing better than a home-made roast duck and preserved lemon pizza... heaven on a plate.

Singapore Food Photographers said...

This looks absolutely scrumptious! i would love to dine there some day.

Photo very well taken!

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