05 March, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Lunch @ Wild Rocket II

Department Lunch @ Wild Rocket @ Mt Emily

Centrepiece - Bird of Paradise

Complimentary Bread with Olive Oil Dip

Starter - Carrot Soup
the Olive Oil makes a difference

Main - Wild Mushroom Linguine
done Al Dente, the Cream Sauce was a delight!

Dessert - Ice Cream with Gula Melaka
a tad too sweet for me

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Anonymous said...

i tried once.........~ think OK only.. maybe its the food i ordered.. cant remember wad also.....

Anonymous said...

I really love your photos!! I hope you can do a post on food photography one day? Cheers!

His Food Blog said...

Jer: I pretty like the ambience at noon for business lunches. I agree food was fairly good - wasn't bad, but just didn't wow.

lydia: Thank you! Hmm.. but I do not think I am qualified to do so. I am just an amateur using a point and shoot camera.

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