08 July, 2009

Cheok Kee Asam Curry Fish Head & Curry Chicken Noodles

Note: The photos for this post certainly didn’t do justice to the food and the stall as it was taken in poor lighting conditions in the evening.

When one mentioned Cheok Kee, chances are they will be chatting about their duck rice. Once helmed by Louis, a fourth generation Cheok Kee chef, his sister and brother-in-law have since took over at the current stall located at East Coast Lagoon Food Village.

After a short hiatus, Louis, with his renewed vigour, opened a new stall diagonally across – dishing out Cheok Kee’s Curry Fish Head, one of the specialty formally sold at their famous Macpherson Cheok Kee duck rice location (which is currently closed).

At $18.00 per claypot, one will get a good serving size of Red Snapper Fish Head, a steal if you ask HFB! The meat was really fresh and rid of the muddy taste that many have an aversion to. One wouldn’t needlessly worry that there wasn’t enough fish meat to go around.

Moreover, Cheok Kee’s unique version tasted really full-bodied, with the liberal use of coconut milk. With generous ingredients of Ladyfinger and Brinjal, along with what perceived to be Assam, the tangy, sweet, yet slightly sour curry may be loath by some due to its richness or taste, but not HFB, he simply loved it – especially when paired with steam white rice!

In fact, if not for the additional dish of Curry Chicken Noodle (yellow mee please!) that goes for only $3.00 per serving, HFB would probably had gone for another helping of rice.

Like the fish head, the gravy of the noodle was robust and full-bodied, although HFB did find the gravy a tad salty.

However, the thick chunk of steamed chicken pieces certainly didn’t disappoint.

To avoid disappointment and long waiting time for the fish head, Louis recommend one making a reservation before going down.
Stall 27 East Coast Lagoon Food Village
1220 East Coast Parkway
Singapore 468960
Tel: 6244 2522
Business hours: 1100hr to 2200hr

Disclaimer: No ratings would be given, as this is an invited taste test. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Louis and Princeton for their generous hospitality.

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Unlimitedfeast said...

The google map is wrong. The placement should be farther down toward Changi Airport. Next to the lagoon.

Anonymous said...

Anything in curry wouldn't have any smell, mud or not mud. The curry is there to mask off any smell it has, that's why this dish is invented. Don't expect fresh fish since you wouldn't be able to taste the freshness anyway. Fresh fish would be steamed already lah.

the map is wrong.

His Food Blog said...

UF: Ha! Thanks - updated the map - I am obviously not an Eastie.

Anon 04:11pm: Hmmmm, I dunno where you eat your curry fish head from, but I definitely wouldn't wanna go if the fish head is not fresh.

Besides FYI, you are half right! Most places steamed their fish head first before having the curry poured over. So unless one has really bad taste bud, one is sure to taste whether the fish is fresh or not. :)

min~* said...

cheok kee duck rice is still open? at kallang bahru! :)

His Food Blog said...

Hi min~*,

Ok, not that I know of. Can anyone verify that? From what I gather from Louis, he was the chef when they were at MacPherson, and subsquently his sis and bro-in-law took over when they shifted to East Coast.

The said...

thanks alot... i finally found my fav assam curry fish head back after the stall at machperson went missing........

had it yesterday, it still taste the same...

Anonymous said...

The stall is gone. It's the best assam fish head curry. Boo hoo.

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