19 June, 2012

Restaurant Review and Dining Giveaway: Brotzeit Bavarian High Tea

Kaffeeklatsch, or have a casual gathering over coffee in the German language... that’s what you can indulge in... with Illy Coffee nevertheless, or TWG Tea, and even a choice of 0.3L draft beer at Brotzeit during their Bavarian Tea Time offering. One can choose any 3 food items (out of 9) and pair it with your choice of beverage for only $15-$18!!!

1. Homemade Crepes with Strawberries and Raspberry Cream

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time

Truth to be told, HFB wasn’t aware that Germans had their own version of crepe. But unlike their French cousin who usually comes thin, Brotzeit’s version leans towards spongy and fluffy – a description we usually reserved for pancakes. While the taste leaned towards sour (duh!), the raspberries cream was actually reasonably lovely.

2. Homemade Crepes with Fresh Banana and Chocolate Hazelnut Cream

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (3)

This would definitely be one of the 3 food items that HFB would select for his platter. The Hazelnut Cream was really lip-smacking good with flavours and the bananas along with the chocolate sauce harmonised really well together. Awesome!

3. Homemade Bavarian Fruit Dumpling coated with Sweet Butter Breadcrumbs served with Plum Sauce

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (2)

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (1)

This dish deserved a special mention despite not making it into the final 3. It had a nice texture and comes with a nice balance of sweet and sour between the apricot hidden within and that of the plum sauce, which was delightfully rich.

4. Vanilla Ice Cream drizzled with a nutty essence of Pumpkin Seeds

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (5)

The pumpkin seeds provided a nice texture to the soft ice cream, and the ice cream on its own was tasty – but HFB cannot say so about the essence which was distinctly “greeny” in taste.

5. Breaded Camembert served with Cranberry Sauce

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (8)

BINGO!!! This would be HFB’s second choice for his tea time platter. The camembert was really addictive and great even on its own without the sauce. The few words that came to HFB’s mind when asked to describe the dish were – creamy, velvety and crusty.

6. Homemade Apple Strudel served with Vanilla Sauce

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (9)

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (10)

This was not the usual crusty type of apple strudel we are familiar with. This was the more rustic, doughy-style that gave one a more homely feel, with the apple providing the delightful crunchy texture. The light vanilla sauce complemented the apple strudel really well without being too overpowering.

7. Bavarian Pork and Beef Meatballs served with Tangy Tomato Sauce

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (4)

Ok. This was the DA BOMB that everyone on the table unanimously agreed should appear on each and every of our platter. The meatballs were really packed with flavours and the sourness from the tomato sauce provided a good balance. If HFB decided to be boring and doesn’t need variety in his life, he would definitely opt all 3 dishes to be this. It was THAT breath-taking!

8. Baked Brezn Stick with Smoked Salmon, Vegetables and Sun-Dried Tomato and Tartare Sauce

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (7)

Ok. HFB admits he’s not a big fan of bread, and this combination isn’t gonna change his opinion anytime soon. The only positive HFB could see was the smoked salmon.

9. Baked Brezn Stick with Smoked Chicken Ham, Vegetables and Mayonnaise

His Food Blog - Brotzeit Tea Time (6)

Regrettably, this dish wouldn’t make it to HFB’s tea time platter anytime soon. Not a big fan of bread and not a big fan of chicken ham. This simply wasn’t his cup of tea. Thank God for choices in life!


If you would love to do your mix and match, here’s the chance!!! Brotzeit will be generously giving away Tea Time Platters to FIVE (5) lucky readers. All you have to do is answer the following questions and send it to marketing@brotzeit.co with your Name, NRIC, and Contact Number. Closing date for this giveaway contest is 8 Jul 2012 (Sun), 2359hrs.

Q1. Name the following Brotzeit’s Tea Time dishes in English:
- Fruchtknödel
- Nougat Pfannkuchen
- Fleischbällchen

Q2. What time is Brotzeit’s Tea Time menu available?

(Hint: Answers can found on http://www.brotzeit.co)

Terms and conditions apply.

• The voucher is valid till 30 September 2012 only at Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant from the date of issue and is non-transferable; non-refundable and not exchangeable for cash.
• Only valid for Brotzeit outlets in Singapore – VivoCity, Raffles City and 313@Somerset.
• This voucher is not replaceable if lost, stolen, torn, damaged or defaced.
• Only one voucher can be used per transaction / per platter and cannot be combined.
• This voucher must be fully redeemed. Any unused value will be fortified.
• This voucher is not valid unless it is duly stamped and signed by authorizsd personnel.
• Voucher may be redeemed for a Tea-Time Platter with a choice of coffee, tea or 0.3l draft beer.
• Only original certificates will be accepted and kindly present this voucher when you dine at the restaurant.

Disclaimer: No ratings would be given, as this is an invited media tasting. HFB would also like to take this opportunity to thank Brotzeit and Zijing for their hospitality.

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