30 January, 2007

Here Fishy Fishy~~

My family loves eating fish, and we never fail to have a fish dish on the dinner table every night. From the traditional Teochew and Cantonese-Style Steamed Fish to Deep Fried Fish, my family enjoys indulging in every style of it. However, the one fish dish that I simply find it irresistible is that of Teochew Fish Porridge. And to cook a bowl of delicious fish porridge is not too difficult.

1. Cooked rice and leave it in the open to dry. Ensure rice is not cooked too moist.

2. Thick slice of freshly cut fish – from modest Batang (Mackerel) to the preferred Pomfret.

3. Pot of Ikan Bilis soup.

4. Seaweed and Dried Flat Fish along with Freshly Fried Shallots to enhance the soup.

5. Greens – Lettuce or the preferred Tang-O.

6. Alternatively, you have wish to pan-fried some Shrimps under small fire (without oil) to add more Oomph! to the soup.

7. Add salt or fish-sauce to taste and Viola! A delicious home-cooked Teochew Fish Porridge to match any hawker stalls out there.

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