02 March, 2008

Oomphatico’s - Mould of their Own!

Stepped into Oomphatico’s and you would imagine yourself transported to another world – lush and whimsical, the place was brightly and warmly lit with colours – a mixed of modern yet vintage feel.

Furniture were well spaced so one would not feel confined. The fixtures were very cosy with thick cushioned armchairs, in a myriad of colours and tones, and there's a stylish casualness about the place, without being pretentious, it gives customers a very peaceful ambience to dine in.

Pride itself of serving “Good Food”, the outlet comes with many interesting items on the menu – organic, Thai, noodles, Raw, gluten-free, raw and even ZEN to name some of them. You probably need time to scrutinise the menu to fully understand the kinds of items available to delight your palate. For starters, we order the Raw Deal, a Raw Vegetable Salad consisting of Beetroot, Apples and lots of Nuts and Seeds. I eat raw salad, but even I think this dish was too ambitious for me – perhaps because I am not a big fan of beetroot. The shredded apples though add a nice sweetness to it.

For the mains, we shared the Prawn and Spinach Brown Rice Risotto. It was a good balance between the spinach and the creamy-rich risotto, and the prawns add a delightful bite to this dish.

The other main we shared was the Rebelde Lina, an interesting Pizza topped with Spanish onions, Mushrooms, Bacon, Spinach and Tomatoes but most importantly – a whole EGG!!! Yes, at Oomphatico’s, all egg lovers will delighted to know that they have a pizza come served with an egg cracked all over it (Although this photo doesn't do justice to the pizza - trust me - it looks better in real).

Service was also a joy, with plenty of friendly staffs to attend to our needs. One lady (which I assume to be the boss) also made the effort to go around each table and chat with the guests, which made us feel very welcome. Overall I think this restaurant offers a refreshing experience from many others. From the food it offers to the service to the décor and furnishing, there will definitely be something you will be enticed by.


Food: 3.5/5 (Interesting twist)

Service: 4.5/5 (Friendly and attentive)
Ambience: 4/5 (Colourful and cosy)
Price: 3/5 ($71.25 for 3)
Total: 15/20
163 Tanglin Road
#01-35/36 Tanglin Mall
Singapore 247933

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chartao said...

Hmm.. the food looked good!

the decoration of the place is very colorful!!

The Bimbo said...

Very nice decor I have to agree on that

His Food Blog said...

leonard: The risotto and the pizza was excellent! A pity the salad was abit too exotic for me. They have a few "interesting" food on the menu but we opted for the "safer" ones.

the bimbo: Yeah agree totally! Stepping into the place is as though you are the kids in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - so colourful so vibrant yet vintage - as if you are transported into another world of its own!

Jo said...

the food was great ;) and service was quite good... although they seems abit over staff... ;) the dessert spread was not too fantastic though ;)

His Food Blog said...

Hi Jo! Nice of you to drop by :P

Yeah, Tanglin Mall is a bit quiet in the evening I reckon. All the staff seems so enthusiastic in serving us that night.

Agree! The dessert selection was pretty depressing - that's why there wasn't any mentioned of it in my review. Thank God for Whitebait and Kale nearby! ;)

Anonymous said...

went there today, the place and furniture was really great! LOVE IT! wld gif it a 4.5/5 for ambience but food wasnt tt nice =X asked for their recomendation and we ordered green curry rice viva sth rice (seafood rice) think is soso only dun quite like it infact =X and i think its not worth for money (for the food i mention above not sure about the other dishes in the menu) 2/5
service is good =D

His Food Blog said...

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by.

The service and the ambience of this place definitely win high marks in my opinion.

I also agree that they might wish to re-look into their food menu.

For our dinner that night, we opted for the "safer" dishes - becos the rest just seem too exotic for us and thankfully, 2 out of the 3 dishes went great for me.

Anonymous said...

I liked how the whole place was done-up, very colourful and unique furnishings... but I think it is somewhat a "been-there done-that" place.. and all the novelty is felt in the first outing. Not sure if I will give it a second go although it is near my office.

His Food Blog said...

Hi Sandra! Nice of you to drop by :)

Yeah I kinda agree with that. The thing that struck most people is the decor - and once the effect wore off, people might not visit it again.

Patrons go for experience - thus the experience has to be lasting enough for people to revisit.

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