21 April, 2008


1. HFB conquered the chart in Yebber.com!

3. As of last week, HFB has over 20,000 visits and over 40,000 page views.
4. HFB gave out his 1st contest prize - congratulations to fuzk for his winning entry!
5. Last but not least, HFB has its very own domain - WWW.HISFOODBLOG.COM. By the end of the week, this new address will be available over the Internet. --> Bookmark Now if you have not! Although just a re-direction from the blogger site, its an indication that HFB is serious about this food porn business. :)

HFB would also like to take this opportunity to thank his faithful readers for their support, and is looking forward to bring more gourmet info and food reviews to the general public.


fuzk said...

Woot! =D

Dude, your pics ah.. a bit the small. Even after I clicked it, it's STILL small.

Well done on your milestones. May many more come! =D

Food porn business.. Hm.. Like you get 2 chicks to have a food fight which will end in them tearing their clothes off?

If that's the case, I'll just be refreshing your site every few minutes to wait for updates. =P

Congrats again!

His Food Blog said...

fuzk: Thanks for your faithful support!

Without you guys, there weren't be the motivation for me to blog and share my passion with all of you!

Therefore these milestones are part of you all as much as its part of mine!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new domain, looking forward for more to come : )

His Food Blog said...

Thanks LIC, and congrats to you as well for your new domain!

Looks like everyone is serious about this food porn business. Heh!

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