03 April, 2008

Sydney Part 1 - East Ocean Restaurant

One of Chinatown’s biggest and brightest yum cha stars, the 400-seater East Ocean Restaurant is a vast expanse of white-clothed banquet tables and padded, high-backed chairs. An attractively modern Chinese space – even if the lighting is a little excessive – it is also here where you’ll find one of the better wine collections in Chinatown.

Also if you still haven’t been made aware, many Chinese restaurants in Australia also practice BYO, or Bring Your Own (booze), as locals are not customed to eating Asian food with Chinese tea. I shall not bore you with details of the Dim Sum as I find most items average actually.

However, special mention goes to the noodles dishes we ordered – the beef in the Fried Beef Hor Fun was tender, succulent and flavoursome, a sign that it was marinated well.

Although this dish tends to be a tad oily, it was easy for the palate with the green pairing of spring onions and bean sprouts, and when you wash it down with the Chinese tea.

The Seafood Crispy Noodles was a notch better with the generous serving of unimpaired seafood of Prawns, Squid and Scallops. The vegetables found in the noodles were just as fresh, which sets to balance out the slightly saltier yellow noodles.

However, both dishes didn’t come cheap – the Hor Fun was priced at a steep AUD16.80 and the Noodles – AUD22.80!


Food: 3/5 (Dim sum was nothing to shout about)

Service: 2.5/5 (Service was slow and staff was rather rude)

Ambience: 4/5 (Spacious and well-lighted)

Price: 3/5 (I had tasted better dim sum for the value of money paid)

Total: 12.5/20

421-429 Sussex St
Haymarket, NSW 2000, Australia
Mon to Fri 10am - 2am
Sat to Sun 9am - 2am

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Steve said...

Welcome to Australia His Food Blog! We follow your blog all the time and so pleased that you are here.

Come down to Tasmania and we will treat you to some great food (although it will be equally as expensive as your Sydney experience) ( but 10 times better!)


His Food Blog said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks! Nice to know that I have some faithful readers outside of Singapore.

I do love to go down to Tasmania some day as I heard that they have fresh supplies of Abalone and Oyster - is this true?

Steve said...

Yes - our seafood is good (I would say great, but in truth the best stuff gets sent to the mainland and overseas [including Singapore, or so I'm told]).

Unfortunately, however, there is a virus that is threatening our abalone at the moment. I'm no expert, but the abalone divers are very concerned about it.

The oysters are safe - thankfully - and I promise to include them on the dinner menu for you when you come down!


Anonymous said...

i prefer Kam fook for dimsum its at market city ...
i used to live in sydney for couple of years. . and really missed all the food in there

the taiwanese food at quay st also superb... im so sad .. i cant find something like that in spore :(

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