14 September, 2008

Bangkok III - Nam Sing Restaurant

Yaowarat, is the Chinatown in Bangkok, Thailand. The best part about this place is one is able to enjoy high-end seafood at affordable prices. Littered throughout the main street are hawker stalls and Chinese restaurants, which more or less offered the same seafood fare – Grilled Prawns, Shark’s Fin, Bird’s Nest, Abalone, etc. But without a doubt, being the same old boring HFB, you will find him back at Nam Sing Restaurant to satisfy his seafood craving. Stepped in the restaurant, and you will be greeted by nicely packed ready-to-go bird’s nest and shark fin lined up nicely atop of shelves.

On the other half of the space, is a simple yet spacious dining area that estimated seats over hundred pax. First up, was Shark’s Fin (Red Soup) priced at THB600~SGD25.00 per bowl (Yes, go ahead and flame me all you environmentalist, but I am sorry that I cannot help indulging in this delicacy, especially if it is so affordable). This was essentially just the 2nd grade – the top grade was going at THB1,000~SGD42.00 per bowl. The Red Soup, as coined by the restaurant, or the broth was very intense with flavours. Though a tad starchy, I would highly recommend everyone to order a bowl of steam rice and mixed it with the broth. The combination itself is excellent enough a meal on its own. Serving wise, a bowl is pretty sufficient to share between two people, but quality wise, I remembered the texture of the shark’s fin to be of much better quality (Or did I had the top grade version the last time round?).

Sambal Kang Kong was still much preferred as compared to the Chilli Padi version from Siam House. However, I believed the vegetables was left in the kitchen for awhile before it was served – it started to turn a shade darker and there was residue of water, which is common, when Kang Kong is left to rest after frying.

Phrased as the Casseroled Prawn Jelly Noodles (THB300~SGD12.50), or essentially Prawns with Glass Noodles served in a Mini-wok, this is the cheaper version that came with the prawns instead of mud crab. Similar to those fresh water grilled prawns I had at Suam Lum Night Bazaar, what I like was the kitchen actually taking the trouble to trim away the feelers, tiny pincers and the legs of the prawns. However, I thought that could also been the downside since the essence of the dish (Garlic, Bacon, Coriander Roots, Peppercorn, etc.) wasn’t trapped in the prawns’ head and as such the roe residing from the prawns’ head was lacklustre. The springy glass noodles though a bit dry were nothing short of excellent – simply delectable – the full quintessence of the dish is captured within it. However, be warned not to eat too much of it as it fills your stomach pretty fast!

And as if one dish of glass noodles isn’t enough, another dish of Steamed Scallops topped with Garlic and Glass Noodles
(THB300~SGD12.50) was ordered for good measure. This scallops dish was definitely the STAR for that evening. Execution wise, it was brilliant – the eight scallops were thick and juicy, and combination of the trio was just right – garlic was fragrant and wasn’t too overpowering and the glass noodles was moist from the steaming process. And the HFB recommended way to savour this is to pop the whole scallop along with the toppings right in the mouth and chomp – a kaleidoscope of flavours!

The dessert for the night was White Bird’s Nest with Gingko Nuts and Rock Sugar (THB500~SGD21.00 per bowl). Again, this was the 2nd tier as compared to the superior grade that is priced twice the value. Serving wise it was pretty generous, but quality wise, again it wasn’t as good as I remembered it to be. Nevertheless, it was still pretty enjoyable as an after-meal.

Overall, what I like was their immaculate service of this place. The staffs are attentive and kept topping up the complimentary, what tasted like canned bird's nest drink from 7-11 stores (without the bird's nest of course!). Besides, being in Chinatown, the Thai-Chinese staffs were fluent in Mandarin and thus HFB had no problems communicating his orders or wishes.

However, somehow HFB feels that this place is getting “touristy” as he easily spotted a few tables of Singaporeans (their T-shirt and slippers attire, plus the undeniable Singlish gave them away). Perhaps, it’s time HFB scouts for new places to indulge in his seafood and other delicacy in Bangkok.


Food: 3.5/5 (Only the scallops managed to WOW)
Service: 4.5/5 (Very attentive and efficient)
Ambience: 3/5 (Simplistic with minimum decor)
Price: 3.5/5 (THB2,340~SGD100 for premium seafood isn't really that expensive, but quality could be better)
Total: 14/20
39-47 Soi Texas,
Th Phadung Dao,
off Yaowarat Road,
Bangkok, Thailand

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Steve said...

ha ha - okay we'll have to have the Shark's Fin argument when I see you! But Nam Sing seems way overpriced for comparable food in Bangkok... maybe it's just the dishes you were ordering. I can't remember ever paying that much for a meal there.

Mind you, I would like to try that scallop dish...

His Food Blog said...

Hi Steve,

I kinda half expected you will wanna indulged in the Shark's Fin debate with me - Heh!

Yeah. Pretty expensive, but I reckon it depends on the dishes one ordered.

Yeah. That was my fav dish for the night!

Anonymous said...

This place is a die die must go, altho it gets a bit busy during the evening but i would preety much reccomend this restaurant to singaporeans out there who are going to chinatown, trust me altho its a little more expensive then other stores around but their sharks fin are quality fin. not those small ones offered around china town and also most importantly the bird's nest are what can i say? The best quality i simply cant wait to go to Nam sing agian the next time im in Bangkok

Anonymous said...

just tried their scallop at this trip as recomended, and to put this stright im simply in love with it i actualy got some packed back to the hotel to savour :P btw a tip for HFB I strongly recomend tht you eat your bird nest at Nam sing or other big shop around china town because a Thai business friend of mind has said other little stores and restaurant turns to serve you with plastic bird nest's which are harzadous to health he also said that for bird nest its the best to go to Nam sing because even the Thai Royal family buys their bird nest from Nam sing, and they have both goverment certification and royal approval seal to certify their 100% bird nesy's and if your like me and have been to Nam sing :) you wud understand why they only sell real bird's nest once u step in the restaurant lol!

Dennis Lee said...

Nam xing is overrated. Please dun order their fresh oysters cos you will be given frozen with ice oysters. Try this restaurant nearby. Just right opposite Chinatown hotel.

Lisa said...

the food looks so delicious!!! and I tried the bird nest soup last year from like www.geocities.jp/hongkong_bird_nest/index_e.htm . Tastes really good... im really look forward to this.

But would you think that the stir fried one dish of vegetable is a bit oily?

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