10 September, 2008

Wordless Wednesday - Suan Lum Night Bazaar, Bangkok

A Plate of Oyster Omelette THB80~SGD3.50


Steve said...

Oyster omelette... I still have tried one of these yet. I noticed that a few hawker stalls in Singapore sell them, but I was afraid that frying would bugger up the oysters and make them chewy.

What was the omelette like HFB?

michelle said...

Suan Lum is still around? thought they were gonna close it down this year?? haven't been back to bangkok in 2 years.

His Food Blog said...

steve: HmMm.. oyster omelette in Oct perhaps? Would actually prefer bringing you for hawker food instead of restaurant. What say you?

The omelette was oily but GREAT! ;)

mich: Yeah. I heard about it too but apparently they are still around - and I left the place a happy man, Heh! Thank goodness.

Steve said...

Absolutely! Hawker food would be great... it is, for me, the defining Singaporean experience. Here in Australia there is no comparable eating option, because the Health Departmenet authorities just wouldn't allow it. We are in a nanny state - and nobody complains about it... it drives me crazy.

Let's do hawker... but no pigs blood!

His Food Blog said...

Yes. That's what I thought so too! I am actually more incline to introduce my overseas friends to local hawker food - hopefully they can experience and appreciate the local culture better.

Oh and dun you worry. The govt has banned pigs blood in spore too! You can't even get that in Malaysia - only in Thailand. ;)

Christina Kim said...

LOTS of seafood...:D

Unknown said...

these bangkok post these few days all looks so yummy!

His Food Blog said...

christy: Yep. Seafood is a must in Thailand - along with Shark Fin and Bird's Nest.

Keropok: Ha! And you wonder why I kept going back there - Heh!

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