13 August, 2006

Bangkok Day 3 Part 2


Small Talk: YEAH!! I received my 1st birthday present...!!!


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After another hectic day of meetings and hotel visits, another of our service partner was generous enough to buy us dinner once again. One uncomfortable fact about this trip is that most of our Thai service partners that we liaise with are MDs of their company. And it feels strange when you have a 40+, 50 year old man hosting a dinner for 4 young punks, and sucking up to them in hope that eventually they get more business. So on the last night in Bangkok, we were brought to the renowned SomBoon Seafood Restaurant.

Apparently this restaurant is so famous in Bangkok that even when we were walking along the road in the afternoon, the Tuk Tuk driver was shouting “SomBoon, SomBoon!” in hope that we will board it. Even Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi Junichiro cannot resist it when he visited Bangkok.

If you happen to visit this restaurant, one dish you would not like to miss would be the curry crab. Cooked in thick Malay Lemak Style along with Thai herbs, the gravy is simply delicious! Another sure bet would be the claypot prawns cooked with vermicelli – Thai Style. The prawns they served are those fresh water prawns that come with small pincers, and they are simply HUGE!

It was a pity though that I do not have any photos to back up these dishes since the client was around. However, try searching SomBoom Seafood Restaurant in any internet search engine and you would discern that my claims aren’t baseless. After dinner, the service partner took us to Chinatown for dessert. While Bangkok’s Chinatown is known for their Shark’s Fin and Bird’s Nest, ironically, he brought us to this famous shop known for both...

and bought us Ginkgo Nuts instead. Talked about being big-hearted...


Anonymous said...

ahhh... somboon seafood...
man, i miss their curry crabs, oysters and mantis prawns... >.<

His Food Blog said...

Hi xinyun,

Thank you for dropping by!

Ya, their curry crab and mantis prawns taste really good. Will probably visit them again soon!

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