27 September, 2006

Bangkok II Day One

For my 2nd trip to Bangkok, I have decided to stay at Asia Hotel beside Ratchathewi Station for convenient sake. After check-in and all, my friend and I decided to head for a late lunch at the noodle stall I last visited when I was there on my 1st trip.

Compared with my previous visit though, you would have noticed that this time round, the bowl of noodles comes with my favourite pig’s blood and cuttlefish. Since this trip is also purely an indulgence trip, our main focus was simply to sample all the good food of Bangkok and shopping. So right after our late lunch, we headed straight to Suan Lum Night Bazaar for more food,

and our 1st target was the Oyster Omelette.

This was followed the deep fried pork,

and other usual stuff like the grilled squid and deep fried chicken, but special mentioned goes to the grilled fresh water prawns that I didn't get to try on my last trip.

The prawns were huge and juicy, but the unsurpassed component was the high cholesterol roe from the prawn head… it simply leave u speechless! Paired that with cheap local beer and you have the perfect setting to wrap up the night.

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