21 August, 2008

En Japanese Dining Bar - Okinawan Cuisine Served Izakaya Style

A modern Japanese dining bar well known for its signatured Okinawa cuisine, Yakitori-ya and wide variety of appetisers and dishes, En Japanese Dining Bar carries a wide range of Sake, Beer and other alcoholic drinks in their menu as they are Izakaya-styled, or 居酒屋.

, izakaya Because of the difference in culture, climate and vegetables, the Okinawan cuisine is very different from the mainland Japanese cuisine. Since Okinawans traditionally practiced Shamanistic religion and not Buddhism, pork formed part of the Okinawan diet while people on the main Japanese islands did not eat much meat until the mid-19th century.

As such, one gets to amuse himself with delicious Enoki Bacon Yakitori ($7.00), where nicely grilled bacon was wrapped around a thick bunch of Enoki Mushrooms that was so juicy when chomped.

Another enjoyable appetiser dish was that of the Japanese Styled Beef Carpaccio ($9.00 for half size), consisting of Thinly Sliced Raw Beef topped with Sliced Onions, Spring Onions and Sour Soya Sauce. It was a great harmony between the meat and the intense flavours of the toppings and sauce – a guaranteed satisfaction for all beef lovers!

Having seen prices of their sashimi gone up and slices of their fishes became thinner, I ordered the Imaiyu Salad ($15.00) for my sashimi fix instead. A Fresh Sashimi Salad with Special Blended Vegetable Dressing, chunks of Tuna and Salmon, among others, were scattered copiously within the purple lettuce, rocket and other vegetables. A generous dash of Tobiko also gave it an additional smoky/salty edge to it.

I don’t remembered En having an extensive Sushi menu when I last went but it seemed that they had a shift from the Okinawa cuisine and decided to cater more to their customers from the main stream. Bored of the usual Salmon Belly Sushi, I decided to go Aburi ($3.00 each) instead and have it slightly seared. By doing that it rapidly heats the fat and made the salmon belly creamier and invoked it’s flavour. One also got to enjoy the omega fats trickling down into the sushi rice rendering it tangier.

If all else fail and one is still hungry, that’s where the Unagi Fried Rice ($13.00) comes in. Although slightly greasier than the normal sort, the Smoked Eel brought to the rice a sweeter, and intense fragrance. Generous chunks of eel were graciously mingled over the rice and the serving is more than enough for two.

By and large HFB have to declare that En Japanese Dining Bar is one of his favourite Jap dining restaurant for the value one gets.

Food:4.5/5 (Nothing much to pick on)
Service: 4/5 (Staff were friendly and service was quick)
Ambience: 3.5/5 (Sat indoors and was slightly smoky)
Price: 4/5 ($78.39 - Quality food, value for money)
Total: 16/20
207, River Valley Road
#01-57, UE Square
Singapore 238275

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Steve said...

Wow. That sounds great. I was very impressed with the concept of the Enoki Bacon Yakitori - so simple, yet it looked and sounded a delight.

I haven't heard of an Imaiyu Salad - but it also sounds scrumptious. Yet another restaurant to go on the list.

This weekend I'm heading to Bruny Island again with all my culinary wizarding friends - I so wish you could be there HFB. My offering for Sunday lunch is going to be Portuguese Chicken Salad with Charred Lemons. You'd love it!

Unknown said...

Oh man. They sure look good!
The appetizer dishes :-)

His Food Blog said...

steve: Yep, fell in love with the Enoki Bacon the moment I had my first bite. Wanted to order another serving of it but was afraid the wait would be too long!

Just the name of your salad and I am already convinced it is good. I would love to try it one day!

keropok: Yes. I find myself delighting in En Jap Dining simply because their food has been consistently good without burning a hole in your pocket!

Anonymous said...

woo, you went en again? how many times there already?

His Food Blog said...

Yep. Erm... Lost count.

But I used to frequent more often. Love the food there.

TGIF coupons said...

I like the "Japanese Styled Beef Carpaccio", it looks juicy and definitely a good start for appetizer:)


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