20 May, 2009

Pictorial - Culinary Adventure in Penang

Long overdue post from my Penang trip way back in Dec. There are just too many photos to sieve through and edit. But nevertheless here goes...

Gurney Drive Hawker Centre

HFB thought the Wanton Mee is pretty good - very springy noodles!

Comfort Food - Deep Fried Chicken!

What's a trip to Penang without sampling the Assam Laksa!

Their Rojak came with Cuttlefish!

Fried Oyster Egg

Penang Fried Kway Teow

Lok Lok - Kang Kong, Cuttlefish, Quail Egg, Meatball

Their Muar Chee comes with Fried Shallots

Penang Road Chendol - Two stalls facing each other


But this stall taste better!!!

New Lane Hawker Street

Cheng Tng is refreshing...AHHhhhh

Curry Noodles came milky white, served with Pig's Blood too!!

Loh Bak

Popiah, wrapped with Chopped Beancurd

Fried Oyster Egg

Best Char Kway Teow in Penang!!!

HFB's favourite drink in Penang, Liang Fen, aka Glass Jelly drink

Simply Divine!!!

Wanton Mee

Chicken Rice - long queue but not worth it

Best Loh Bak in Penang!

~ The End ~


tiarastantrums said...

oh my friend is from Penang - I will have to show her this

doraemon said...

all the food looks so yummy...yum yum :)

Junk Food Blog said...

Just looking on those photos makes my mouth water. What a nice culinary trip to Penang. Thanks for sharing this.

His Food Blog said...

T&T: Oh really?! Lovely place she's staying... I'm so jealous

doraemon: welcome back~ I miss the loh bak and the char kway teow

JFB: Your welcome! I am glad you enjoy your stay~

stan said...

I did a recent KL culinary trip w a local there. It was just unreal. I've heard abt Penang being one of the best in Malaysia. I'm definitely planing for one bash soon!

His Food Blog said...

Hi Stan,

Oh I am totally in love with KL's food offering, and you should really make a trip to Penang soon! I'm sure you will love it!

fatkuraprincess said...

Why never try the Penang Hokkien Mee?
It's my favorite when I go back. Heavenly when go with Teh Peng~ Next time can try my cousin's oyster omelette..his was featured in newsppr and received lot of awards too! =)

fatkuraprincess said...

oh ya~next time try ice kachang too! =) Sarsi, the soft drink is added into the ice kachang too!

His Food Blog said...

fatkuraprincess: Heh, there is only that much food I can stomach per day. There's simply too much good food to go around. But I am sure I will try it on my next visit.

Where is you cousin's oyster omelette located at btw? Will try to visit it next time.

Sarsi ice kachang sounds like a winning combination! Heh.

Laksa said...

omg. jealous. indeed what is a trip to penange without some assam laksa.
Do you know of anywhere selling penang CKT in singapore ?

His Food Blog said...

I know there's a place selling Penang cuisine called Penang Kitchen located at Coronation Arcade.

But their service is pretty slow when its crowded. It's a tiny place so you might end up sharing tables with strangers too.

isaac said...

HFB, U miss the most important thing the Laksa at Kek Lok Si, its a eat or die kind thing, with one sitting I will order 3 bowls straight away, the laksa at gurney are so so only.
And your Char Kuey Teow of that old lady is spot on, I figured that she is the best,

U missed the kambing rice at Jln Kapitan, I know all these places cause I was in Penang for half a year for internship.

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