25 May, 2009


If you haven’t already known, HFB is one of the five bloggers taking part in the SOYJOY GI-JOY Challenge (Yes you can vote for him, the thorn among the roses every 3 hours, all the way till 28 Jun, midnight). So him being HFB, he can’t resist but give his views on how those SOYJOY bars tasted. There are currently 4 different flavours available in the local market – Apple, Raisin Almond, Cacao Orange & Hawthorn Berry. Last checked, NTUC was selling $1.70 per bar.

If you have a sweet tooth, the apple flavour will probably be your favourite – HFB find it the sweetest among the four. The foremost taste to strike your palate would be that of the dried apple and pineapple. HFB also likes the walnut that gave it that extra crunch.

HFB is fond of the raisin almond bar for the fact that the flavour of the almond nuts was evident. If you grew up loving raisins, then this is the bar for you!

You know how chocolate and orange are pretty compatible in taste – and the cacao orange bar didn’t disappoint, however though the orange peel gave a refreshing tang to the taste buds, the chocolate is a tad bitter and made the bar slightly harder to bite.

Although HFB is not a big fan of sour fare, he thought the hawthorn berry complimented well with the sweeter ingredients like Dried Wolfberry. He enjoyed the sour-sweet blend. And if you are like HFB, wondering what is hawthorn berry – it is actually a tiny red berry that grows on the hawthorn shrub, and is said to contain strong antioxidant properties believed to be many times more powerful than the antioxidant vitamins, A, C and E! Amazing isn’t it?

But what’s more amazing is that SOYJOY is giving out the bars for FREE in “Feed The Office” task!!! That’s right, all you need to do is to CLICK HERE (Submission has closed), and submit the name of Contact Person, Company Name, Company Address, Contact Number, Contact Email and Company Size. Feel free to fill up for your friends (eh, but please inform them yah – otherwise they might get a nice shock) or get your friends to fill up the form and the SOYJOY bars will be delivered to their company’s doorstep. So don’t hesitate! All fields are compulsory. Deadline is 31 May, midnight.

Disclaimer: Singapore companies only. SOYJOY can only accommodate 40-50 bars per office; so if your company is a huge MNC, do split into multiple contacts and indicate the various department contact person so that everyone can get to enjoy it! Oh, and the blogger with the most companies recruited will be awarded 10 points, so do give HFB your full support!


Anonymous_X said...

Wow...much effort! ;)


Justin Tan said...

Went to check and running neck to neck now. You know who I voted for ...

His Food Blog said...

Hi Justin,

I hope its me ;)

Heh~ keep supporting thank you!

Laksa said...

I'm surprised you like them. They are absolutely revolting. Taste like cardboard.

His Food Blog said...


Heh. I find them ok lah! They are filling and stop me from snacking.. so thats good for me since I am watching my diet... Heh!

doraemonsg said...

i saw u with 3 other bloggers on June's Simply Her :)

His Food Blog said...

Actually there are 5 of us - Nadnut, Euniqueflair, Honeymeow, Nanyate and yours truly - the thorn among the roses, Heh!

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