24 June, 2009

HFB's Very Own "Much Effort, Little Effort" Video!

Almost a month has passed since HFB took on the SOYJOY GI-Joy Blogger's Challenge. It has been a tough but fun journey, and along the way, HFB even pick up the winner tag for Task 2 - "How I like to Enjoy SOYJOY Best" with his very own created Secret SOYJOY Salad Recipe.

With the challenge now coming to a close (yep, this is the last challenge), kindly allow me to present to you my very own "Much effort, Little effort" video. HFB dedicate this video to those who faced the same inner demons like HFB during noon in office, or at home. Hope you enjoy it!

And this is the last week to vote for HFB - so do remember to vote for him every 3 hours!!! And also do leave your comments if you love the video!


Aka Pamela S. said...

Hhaha! That reminds me of the Thai Commercial for Tuna!


Steve said...

Loving it. You've missed your calling mate. I'll look out for you at the Grammys next year.

raz said...

Its so cool!!! wanna go work in advertising firm??

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