17 September, 2008

BonGoût - Japanese Café & Bookstore

BonGoût, which means “Good Taste” in French, is surprisingly a Japanese second-hand bookstore and a café located at the cosy and tranquil corner of Robertson Quay since 2000.

First started out in UE Square, one can enjoy their freshly brewed coffee or daily special menu and indulge in Japanese publications like books, magazines and Manga (Japanese comic books) at your own leisure.

This is an absolute haven for all “Otakus” wannabe!!! And fret not if you do not read the Japanese language, for there are tons of Japanese fashion magazines to refer for the latest trend and style.

With rows and rows of publications, along with simplistic décor, what HFB like about this place is the unpretentious character it oozed.

Did HFB also mention that Robertson Quay is one of the perfect spot for a peaceful and quiet lunch?

As always, one of the speciality home-styled Japanese cuisines would be their curry rice. As such, HFB ordered a small portion of Beef Curry Rice ($9.00) – and leave to regret it somehow.

Serving wise, it was definitely diminutive – HFB counted a total of 3 bite-sized pieces of beef plus a few tiny bits on his plate along with heaps of Japanese sweet curry and rice. Taste wise it was above average but price wise, HFB thought it was over-the-top for the amount of meat one gets.

If HFB had known, he would be paying an additional dollar for the big portion (but then again, he wonders how many more insignificant pieces of meat he might get for that?).


Food: 3.5/5 (Japanese Curry was satisfactory)

Service: 3.5/5 (Waitress sounded impatient while taking order, but otherwise it was ok)
Ambience: 4.5/5 (Simplistic, unpretentious, tranquil, peaceful)
Price: 2.5/5 (Serving portion of the beef is pathetic)
Total: 14/20
60, Robertson Quay
#01-01, The Quayside
Singapore 238252

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Anonymous said...

Nice photography ^_^

His Food Blog said...

Hi relax,


MissyGlutton said...

I used to love this place for Japanese Curry, but I think the food was not as good as before.

any other places to recommend?

His Food Blog said...

Hi MissyGlutton,

I would recommend Tampopo for their Tonkutsu Curry.

Btw, nice food blog you have there - added you in my links! :)

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