28 September, 2008

What's Coming Up Next...

1. *NEW* Tagging System

Updated 30 Sept: HFB has finally finished tagging all his posts. If you feel that any post is not correctly tagged, or tags missing from it, please feel free to leave your comments, email hisfoodblog@gmail.com or shoutbox it to let HFB know. Let's strive to make this blog more informative and comprehensive for the benefit of everyone.

Oh, and if you come across any past reviews that the food outlet is closed down or shifted, do let HFB know as well.

Below are just some symbols that HFB have employed for his tags.
  • #indicates the area where the food outlet is located
  • *indicates the cuisine, or type of food reviewed
  • +indicates the setting of the food outlet
  • ^indicates food reviews from the different countries HFB visited
This blog started with just a simple tagging system for the different cuisines, or types of food. But lately, many readers have been requesting for a more comprehensive tagging system on my blog e.g. location. Thus since "customers are KING", or in this case readers, HFB has decided to heed your advice and will be revamping the tagging system - no more "What good food can I find in Holland V area" questions, or "What nice food is there in the East" enquiries - it will all be there in HFB's new tagging system. BUT WAIT, all I ask is a little patience cos it ain't easy going through all the 200+ posts to retag them, but I promise it will be up reaaaaaal soon!!

2. *NEW* Widget - Be a Part of HFB

Not sure whether you all have notice this little widget right between "Subscribe to HisFoodBlog" and "Social Bookmarking". What this little widget does is it essentially updates a Blogger user, HFB's latest post, everytime he/she logged into their Blogger Dashboard when he/she signs up. And if one choose to follow publicly, one can have their profile photo displayed right there on the widget. This is also another avenue for HFB to know you better. So what are you waiting for?!?! Sign up NOW.

Only 3 followers? Geez, that is pretty pathetic. Anymore takers?

3. The BEEFY series of posts

Beef has always been one of my favourite meat, and as such, I will be introducing some of the beef places I have visited over the past weeks. Wanna know what HFB feels are some of the hits and misses in these places? Interested to find out which place is value for money? Discover which restaurant serves what HFB deemed is the best steak in Singapore? It will all be coming right up in the coming weeks - So don't you switch channel (unless its for the 2008 F1 Singapore Grand Prix of course - GO LEWIS!!!). Meanwhile, here's a slab of beef to smack you silly Ferrari's fans - I hope Massa crash and burn in the Finals! WooHoo!!!

I had fun watching the Ferraris in dishevelled state. I am sure some of you did too!

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noodles said...

oh man. You must be the reason why Massa crashed at the race! >:(

Just kidding.............

His Food Blog said...

Even though Hamilton didn't win, I am just as glad both Ferraris CRASH & BURN! WooHOoo!! ;)

fuzk said...

Oh my. You have the future to predict the future! eh. 4D number share leh. hahaha.

His Food Blog said...

Haha. I wished! Besides I wasn't that accurate - it was raikkonen that crash and burn, massa merely drove out of the pit with a fuel pump. Hehe.

Unknown said...

But the fuel pump was enough to make him so malu...Haha...

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