21 October, 2008

The BEEFY Series Part 6 - Yakiniku Daidomon

After a very pleasurable and gratifying dinner at Aburiya some time back, HFB was looking forward to his next Yakiniku meal (焼き肉 or 焼肉), or Japanese BBQ-styled of cooking bite-sized meat over flame of wood charcoals carbonised by dry distillation (Sumibi (炭火) or gas/electric grill. So off he went to sample Yakiniku Daidomon’s Buffet Dinner (Adult: $63.00++ child: $28.00+) that is only available at their Keypoint outlet along Beach Road.

With slightly more than 100 items to choose from, HFB was absolutely spoiled for choice. So being the Kiasu Singaporean that he is, HFB did his share of research and zeroed in on a few items. For appetisers, it was kick-started with the much raved about Yukke Sushi, or Marinated Beef with Egg Yolk, and it was rightly so – nicely seasoned with spices and sauces such as sesame oil and soy sauce, a raw egg yolk was cracked on top, giving it a smooth velvety taste. The beef was thickly sliced thus granting the person consuming, a nice bite.

The trio of Tuna (Maguro), Salmon (Shake) and Sea Bream (Tai) Sashimi though were disappointing. Although served chilled, it just didn’t tickle HFB's fancy and tasted flat and uninspiring.

The Gyu Tataki, or Marinated & Lightly Grilled Raw Beef was also lacklustre; so much so that HFB thinks the one he had in Bangkok was better.

Surprisingly, the Teiru, or Oxtail Soup that looks boring when served tasted yummy. The gelatinous meat from the oxtail was simply amazing and my only nitpick was there was only one piece floating in the soup.

Once done, the real show begun, and the raw food was set in place. Salmon was thick but filling, thus HFB advise one to go slow and concentrate on other dishes instead.

The Hotate, or Scallop is a MUST try - served whole and juicy, two servings were ordered that evening.

The Kaki Butter, or Oyster with Butter was another orgasmic experience for HFB. Fresh and meaty, cooked it just right and a sweet juicy feasting experience await.

The Ebi, or Prawn was of medium size – nothing fanciful.

The Buta Karubi, or Pork Belly came nicely streaked in fats and tasted wonderful when grilled.

Vegetables were a much welcome break from the meat and the Mushrooms were delightful.

Very high in fat content, it is no wonder the Tan, or Beef Tongue is considered a prized item in Japanese BBQ. Slightly chewy for a bite, however HFB didn’t really fancy it much that night.

The Karubi, or Beef Belly Tender was better appreciated. Slightly marbled – allowed the fats to cook slowly, and what one gets in return is a nice juicy piece of meat.

However, if one think that’s the finest, one would be thrilled to know that the Honetsuki Karubi, or Belly Tender with Rib is one notch better. It tasted so scrumptious that no words can simply describe it and if HFB is to come back to this restaurant, this dish would probably be the reason!

Overall, HFB thinks this is one of those places he will visit if he craves for meat and feel like pampering himself with a treat.


Food: 4/5 (Karubi, Oyster, Scallop, etc. enough said)
Service: 4/5 (Staff were pretty knowledgeable with food)
Ambience: 3/5 (Nothing fanciful)
Price: 3.5/5 ($150.66 for two is expensive, but pretty worth it)
Total: 14.5/20
371 Beach Road,
#01-07, Keypoint
Singapore 199597

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Unknown said...

The korean bbq i go to also has cow tongue and it's nicely marbled. It does have a chewy after taste (since that muscle's wayyy overused).

The raw marinated beef with yolk also reminds me of the korean entree i had! Surprisingly raw marinated beef tastes nice! It had raw garlic, sliced nashi pears and some veggies (think it's lettuce) in them. More often, it's the marinate that makes or break it...Other than the freshness of the beef of course.

His Food Blog said...

The Jo Tan Shio, or the Premium Beef Tongue that I had @ Aburiya was well marbled, but not Daidomon's.

Yah simply love the Marinated Beef! A pity one cannot eat too much from it due to high cholesterol. ;)

Anonymous said...

It seems sooo delicious! It's tempting me to go there now... :P

Anonymous said...

The last time I had this kind of BBQ was 8 to 9 years old. I can't really remember how they taste like. Watching your photos make me wanna eat them. I guess I shud give it a try soon.

Unknown said...

how come marinated raw beef is high in cholesterol?!? o_O""

His Food Blog said...

angeline: You should give it a try! ;)

Maria: Thanks! You should too, I love Jap BBQ!!!

Benson: The yolk, the yolk!!

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